Our Top 10 Best Solar Deck Lights of 2022

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In the past, the only way to enjoy the last few hours of the day was to either sit in darkness or blind yourself with a dazzling floodlight.

And during romantic evenings, both of these can really kill the ambiance!

Luckily that’s not the case anymore. Introducing solar deck lights!

But what are they? How do they work and are they worth buying?

We’ve put together this complete guide and rounded up the best solar deck lights on the market.

Our buyer’s guide has everything you need to know before buying your new solar lights, from how long they last to why the weather resistance and solar capacity are important.

Want to know more? Awesome, let’s jump straight in!

Best Solar Deck Lights

First, let’s take a look at our list of the top 10 best solar deck lights. We highly recommend the SUNFACE solar-powered lights because of their efficient solar panels and high waterproof rating.

Read on to find out about the other top picks that we chose and how they can make your outdoor life easier!

Solar Deck Lights Reviews

Best Overall: SUNFACE Solar Deck Lights

SUNFACE Solar Deck Lights

Key Features:

  • Installation is quick and easy, takes less than 60 seconds
  • The lights automatically switch on and off
  • Waterproof and weather-resistant
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Our best solar deck lights award goes to these from SUNFACE. These crystal clear singular deck lights make stunning lawn and yard decorations. They come in a pack of 6 so you can spread them around and light up your whole decking area.

They have 2 lighting modes; warm white light or RGB functionality, which changes the color. They automatically turn on and will stay on all night until sunrise, so there’s need to worry about switching them off manually.

These lights also have an IP65 waterproof and weather-resistance rating, so you can be sure they’re long-lasting. The highly efficient solar panels operate without electricity and absorb the sun’s rays to power themselves.

The solar panels have a battery life of 8-10 hours and can convert up to 19.5% of the sun’s rays to use for energy, ensuring a long standby time. Great for deck and patio areas, walls, porches, lawns, and pathways.

Best Budget: Ideaworks Solar Powered Deck Lights

Ideaworks Solar Powered Deck Lights

Key Features:

  • Built-in solar panels
  • Easy to install
  • The lights automatically turn on and off
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If you’re on a budget, don’t think that you have to put up with poor quality lighting. These outdoor solar lights from Ideaworks are the perfect budget-friendly option.

Light up the way with these gorgeous solar lights. Suitable for the porch, patio, decking area, lawn, or pathway, these lights will provide the perfect amount of illumination for those late outdoor evenings.

The integrated solar panels absorb sun rays during the day so they can whir into action at night. They are constructed from a plastic and polystyrene combination and they include all the mounting hardware needed to install them.

Best Premium Pick: Greluna Solar Wall Lights Outdoor

Greluna Solar Wall Lights Outdoor

Key Features:

  • Simple to install, no wires or electricity needed
  • Waterproof and weather-resistant
  • Can last for up to 8 hours
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For the best premium solar lights, we recommend these from Greluna. The stylish design looks great in any yard and the IP65 waterproof rating ensures they last long, whatever the weather.

These upgraded LED lights allow you to choose from 2 different modes; warm white light or color changing, with 7 different colors. The warm white is perfect for everyday use and the color-changing is perfect for parties and backyard festivities.

They feature a generous solar panel that charges the battery for 8-10 hours of use. These lights come in a pack of 8 and they have an automatic operation for extra convenience.

The batteries fully recharge in just 6 hours and the lights are constructed from high-quality ABS materials, making them strong and durable. They are easy to use; simply leave them in direct sunlight so they can absorb the solar rays and charge up.

Suitable for a wide range of places, you can use them to inject color into your yard. They’re also incredibly versatile – you can put them on walls, fences, decking areas, front and backyards, and many other places!

JACKYLED Solar Deck Lights

JACKYLED Solar Deck Lights

Key Features:

  • Each LED offers an impressive brightness level
  • Easy to install and installation screws are included
  • IP44 waterproof rating
  • Automatically charges
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Our next pick of the best solar lights are these white lights from JACKYLED. Thanks to the polycrystalline silicon solar panels, these outdoor solar lights are quick charging and long-lasting.

These solar deck lights efficiently absorb the rays from the sun to convert it into energy. This means you don’t use any extra electricity and there are no confusing wires to set up during installation.

However, for dull days where solar energy isn’t as effective, the 1000Ah replaceable battery can be used to charge the lights up. The battery provides up to 10 hours of use so you don’t have to miss out just because the sun hasn’t shown up.

The automatic mode is easy to use. Simply turn the auto mode on, let them charge up naturally and they’ll switch on at dusk and turn off at dawn. Each light has 3 high-quality LEDs which give off an impressively bright light.

With stainless steel construction, these lights are heavy-duty and can be used in all weather conditions thanks to their IP44 waterproof rating. They’re suitable for lots of different areas including decking, lawns, pathways, and front or backyards.

Solpex Solar Deck Lights

Solpex Solar Deck Lights


  • Suitable for decking and garden stairs
  • Comes with a limited warranty
  • The automatic feature provides convenience
  • Provide a warming glow to your garden
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Next on our list of the best solar-powered deck lights are these from Solpex. This new and updated design has a color-changing cycle to add some pizzazz to your deck area. Create that party ambiance by placing them on the patio, lawn, porch, or wherever you like!

The automatic operation is incredibly handy – simply pull the insulator tab out to use it. On a sunny day, place it in direct sunlight and it will charge fully in just 4-5 hours. It will also automatically turn on at dusk and switch off at dawn, so it’s perfect if you’re likely to forget!

The tough and durable ABS shell and the solar panel are weather resistant and designed to withstand wind, rain, and even mild snow. Easy to install, each solar deck light can be installed anywhere as long as it can be secured with screws.

GIGALUMI Solar Deck Lights

GIGALUMI Solar Deck Lights

Key Features:

  • No wires or electricity is required
  • Can withstand various weather conditions
  • Can run for up to 8 hours on one solar charge

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If you’re looking for great solar deck lighting ideas, look no further than these from GIGALUMI. These warm white decking lights provide the perfect amount of warm glow to light up your lawn area.

The ABS shell is tough and waterproof, and the premium quality solar panel can withstand adverse weather conditions such as wind and rain. They are ideal for illuminating pathways, patios, decking areas, and porches.

Super easy to use, these solar deck lights don’t have switches – simply pop them in the sun and they’ll automatically charge fully in just a few hours. They’re easy to install too, just secure them with 3M tape or use the included screws for effortless installation.

They’re also pretty small in size, meaning these solar step lights will blend in perfectly with decking areas. With no wires, there’s also zero chance of tripping up over them.

Available in a pack of 12, these solar-powered lights will add some glamor to your home. Each light features a bronze finish and 3 lumens. The auto function means they will switch on at dusk and off at dawn, making them very convenient.

Davinci Lighting FlexFit Solar Outdoor Post Cap Lights

Davinci Lighting FlexFit Solar Outdoor Post Cap Lights

Key Features:

  • UV fade protection
  • IP44 weatherproof rating
  • Automatic function

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Looking for the best solar deck lights for a smaller area? Take a look at these lights from Davinci. Available in a pack of 2, each solar light is designed to sit on top of your decking posts to add an elegant touch as well as light up the area to create ambiance.

They attach to any round or square deck post measuring 4 – 6 inches, or any other flat surface. Each light has been given an IP44 waterproof rating so it’s able to stand up to bad weather. No need to worry about covering them up during a rainstorm!

Each solar light is constructed from industrial-strength tempered glass and plastic and comes in either black or white.

These solar step lights are also easy to install and their neutral design will blend with your existing decor. They’re also a great option for illuminating stairs or deck steps to make them safer to walk down.

VOLISUN Solar Deck Lights

VOLISUN Solar Dock Lights

Key Features:

  • Each one provides bright lighting for illuminating dark areas
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Built-in large battery capacity
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The best solar deck lights should be effective and easy to use, and that’s exactly what these deck lights from VOLISUN offer. The eco-friendly solar panels use the sun to recharge during the day so they can operate when dusk falls.

Each solar light has 6 LED lights that provide a warm glow for instant illumination. They feature an integrated 600mAh battery, and one solar charge only takes 6-8 hours in direct sunlight.

With an IP67 weatherproof rating, you don’t need to worry about the deck lights being ruined by rain or wind. The premium quality metal frame is super strong and durable.

The installation is quick and easy and they can be installed anywhere as long as it’s exposed to sunlight; no wires and zero electricity bills to worry about. Your purchase includes screws so you can fix them wherever you want to.

These solar deck lights are also approved by the FCC. With a net weight of just 0.65 pounds, these lights are ultra-lightweight and easy to handle.

GEEKHOM Solar Deck Lights

GEEKHOM Solar Deck Lights

Key Features:

  • Each light will turn on automatically for convenience
  • Great customer service
  • Tough and weather-resistant
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When you’re buying solar deck lights, they must be not only functional but attractive, too. These unique deck lights from GEEKHOM will add a stunning and glamorous touch to any lawn or decking area.

The GEEKHOM solar deck lights have 2 available modes to meet different needs. The warm white mode is perfect for everyday use while the 7-color changing mode is ideal for parties or evening festivities. Easy to operate, simply use the inside button to switch between the 2 modes.

It features a functional solar panel that’s powered entirely by the sun, so no extra batteries or electricity are needed! Simply place the lights where they can get plenty of sunlight and they’ll be fully charged in just 4-5 hours.

The deck lights automatically turn on once dusk falls and turn off at dawn to avoid wasting the charge. The acrylic and ABS outer shell mean the lights are very durable and the IP55 waterproof rating means they can withstand rain and other adverse weather conditions.

You can install them in 2 different ways; either facing forward or back, making them suitable for the patio, railings, deck posts, or lawn. No wires make installing it super easy, simply use the included screws to attach them wherever you want.

Your purchase will also come complete with a 2-year warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee for peace of mind. For any queries, the customer service team is always on hand to help.

Aootek 182 Solar Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

Aootek Solar Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

Key Features:

  • Incredibly affordable security light option
  • Decent mix of water and heat resistance
  • High-quality motion sensor technology
  • 3 different operation modes
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Last but not least, we highly recommend these motion-activated lights from Aootek! These motion sensor security lights contain LED lights and boast a huge 15.3-inch high-quality solar panel for effortless energy charging.

The Aootek 182 solar lights feature 3 lighting modes. One is a security light where the motion sensor automatically switches on whenever someone walks past. It then turns off when the person leaves.

The second mode involves the bulb emitting light overnight, and the third mode is the smart brightness control, which stays on all night but goes brighter when motion is sensed.

Constructed from waterproof and heatproof IP65 waterproof materials, these solar deck lights are great for lots of different places, as well as being a useful security measure. The installation is very simple and it’s ideal for installing on stairs or steps too.

Solar Deck Light Buying Guide

Now that we’ve gone through the best solar deck lights on the market, let’s look at the factors you’ll need to think about before you rush out and buy any lights.

To get the most out of your new deck lights, it’s essential to buy the right ones. Below, we’ve compiled some important factors to consider that will help you to buy the best solar deck lights for your needs.


Like most purchases, the price should match the quality and solar deck lights are no exception. As our list of the best solar deck lights proves, you don’t need to spend a lot to get a good quality set.

The thing to avoid is spending lots of money without first reading any solar deck light reviews. Be sure to do your research and pick the lights that are most suitable for your needs. Also, remember that the most expensive ones aren’t necessarily the best quality.

Before buying your new deck lights, decide on a budget and be sure to stick to it. It’s easy to get carried away but having a budget decided beforehand will save time. It will also narrow down your options and prevent you from procrastinating or being tempted by ridiculously expensive products.

Light Output

A light’s output is the amount of light created, which is measured in lumens. A gentle brightness has the ability to create ambiance, whereas a solar deck light with blinding brightness is going to cause discomfort to the eyes.

We recommend looking at lighting systems that provide at least 2, preferably 3, different lighting modes or colors. Warm white lighting is always a great choice for lighting up a decking area. This type of light provides a nice soft glow like a candle, which is pleasant and doesn’t hurt your eyes.

After the festivities are over or if no one is using the deck area, you can switch to cool white light. This is good for security, and deck lights with built-in motion sensors add an extra layer of security if this is what you’re looking for.

To find out the brightness levels, be sure to check the lumen count just as you would for indoor bulbs. If the lights have a low amount of lumens, be sure to install more of them to get the ideal amount of lighting. However, don’t install too many as high brightness levels can damage eyesight.

Typically, a high-quality set of solar deck lights will have around 120 lumens whereas lower performing models may have less than 100. String deck lights will generally have fewer lumens per bulb when compared to singular solar deck lights.

Solar Capacity

Because solar deck lights have to work in various weather conditions, there’s a chance the solar panel’s ability to generate power may be affected. To prevent this, be sure to choose one that’s of high quality and preferably has a shield cover to prolong its life.

Typically, there are 4 solar panel types:

  • Polycrystalline
  • Monocrystalline
  • Concentrated PV Cell
  • Amorphous Silicon

Try to look for solar deck lights that provide the latest in solar technology. Modern solar panels are capable of converting up to 19% of the sun’s rays into energy for your deck lights.

The capacity of the solar panel will depend on the voltage and wattage levels. Simply put, a solar panel should offer maximum wattage by consuming as little power as possible.

Running Time

The best solar deck lights take as little time to charge as possible. Many models only need around 5 hours to charge completely and can provide light for more than 8 hours.

Other lower quality models may take longer to charge and also provide less power. For this reason, be sure to check the recharge and run time of the deck lights before you decide to buy them. Choosing solar deck lights with a quicker recharge time will be more time-saving.

Additional Features

Lots of deck lights now come with all kinds of useful additional features such as safety motion sensors, color-changing cycles, and automatic timers. Decide what is essential to you and which features meet your needs.

Try to pick a set that has the features you know you’ll need. Avoid wasting your money on deck lights with features that you’ll never use.


Solar deck lights come in many different designs and styles. As technology improves, more designs are created and released every year and you can usually find a set of lights to match your existing outdoor decor.

Some solar lights have really beautiful designs on their housings, adding a really decorative touch to your decking area. If your home is quite modern, then a clean and minimalistic design would look perfect.

On the other hand, if your decor is more traditional and rustic, you’ll probably have more design and style options. The different color options will also help you to create different moods depending on the event.

Weather Resistance

Because your solar lights are going to be outside, high weather resistance is essential for it to cope with rain, wind, and other weather conditions. Also, weatherproof solar lights mean that the solar panel will be protected.

If the panel gets wet the brightness levels will be affected and you won’t get the most out of your purchase. Waterproofing is vital to prevent short-circuits of the electrical components. Also, heat resistance is important so the lights aren’t damaged from excess heat.

Look for solar lights that have IP weather resistance ratings. IP44, 45, and 65 are the most common ratings in solar lights. These ratings provide the protection each solar light needs from rain and other adverse weather conditions.


The sun’s rays will directly shine on the solar panels, which is what will power up the built-in batteries of the lights. The batteries will provide the essential power needed for the deck lights to work.

For this reason, it’s essential to check the battery levels before purchasing your new solar deck light set. For longer periods of use, choose a larger battery capacity (one that has a higher mAh rating).

Different deck lights will come with different types of batteries, including lithium iron phosphate, lead-acid, or lithium-ion batteries. Out of all these batteries, lithium-ion lasts the longest and are the most widely used.


Which Solar Lights Are The Brightest?

All of the solar lights on our list offer great levels of brightness, but it’s important not to go too bright. Solar lights are there to create a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere during dark evenings. Lights that are too bright or harsh will completely ruin that ambiance and could damage your eyes.

Suggested Reading: How To Make Solar Lights Brighter

Remember not to get carried away and install blinding lights. You want to create a relaxing and atmospheric setting, and not have your guests constantly shielding their eyes!

Do Solar Deck Lights Need Sunlight To Work?

Contrary to popular belief, solar lights don’t actually need direct sunlight to be able to charge. They are in fact capable of charging in overcast conditions. With the recent advancements in solar technology, these lights can be charged using artificial light as well as natural light.

This technology means the lights can also charge on cloudy days. Although you may not get the same results, the sun’s rays can still be absorbed through clouds.

When choosing a suitable place to put your lights, it’s a fine balance between putting them somewhere they will get sufficient sunlight, and where they’re needed. If the lights aren’t placed directly in the sunlight, they may not last as long, however, don’t worry as they can still charge on dim days.

The most important thing is to put them in places where they’re needed. If you need to light up some dark steps, they won’t be much good if they’re at the bottom of your backyard.

Consider where you’d like to put the lights and then pay special attention to how the sun rays will move across that area throughout the day. You may have to create an alternative configuration or pick different lights if you don’t think they will get enough sunlight where you want them to be.

How Long Do Solar Deck Lights Last?

As we’ve said before, your solar deck lights will need sun rays to operate, even if it’s from direct rays or through the clouds on an overcast day. How long they’ll last depends on the size of the battery. With a 600-mAh battery, you can expect to get around eight to ten hours of use from just one charge.

In terms of how long they’ll last over the years, they should last around 3-5 years. The LED lights in solar lights can run for around 100,000 hours before they need replacing. Models with rechargeable batteries can last up to 5 years if they’re looked after well.

On average, you can expect your new solar lights to last at least a few years, and considering how affordable most of them are, this makes them amazing value for money! As always, be sure to read up on reviews to get a better idea of their usage, battery life, and how long-lasting they are.

Are Solar Deck Lights Easy To Install?

Yes, all of our recommended deck lights are quick and easy to install. The great thing about them is that they can be used in many different places. They can be used as terrace lights, driveway lights, or to light up pathways and porches.

Here are a few good tips for installing your lights and getting the most out of them:

  • Turn the switch on and charge the lights for at least 6-7 hours before you first use them. Our team recommends installing them early in the morning to get the longest charging time.
  • Ensure that there are no plants or branches that could block the solar panel from absorbing the sun’s rays.
  • Try to choose a set of lights that operate automatically as this will save the battery. This is especially handy if you’re likely to forget about turning them off.
  • If your lights start to look dull or weak after around 12 months, it means it’s time to change the battery.
  • Be sure to check the settings before you switch the light on for the first time.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, now you have a good idea of what the best solar deck lights are. Having solar lighting on your decking area in the evening is the perfect way to add ambiance and a peaceful atmosphere, especially on pleasant summer evenings.

Solar deck lights are low-maintenance and apart from replacing the battery once a year, you won’t have to do anything to them once they’re installed. After reading through our reviews and buyer’s guide, you should have a good idea of which solar lights are the right choice for your home.

All of our favorites are high-quality deck lights that provide the perfect amount of brightness. Whether you want a soft light or a super bright light, there’s something for everyone. Whichever set you choose, you can’t go wrong with one of our top picks!