Best Solar Gutter Lights: Our Favorites for 2023

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A decade ago we probably wouldn’t be discussing solar gutter lights at all.

The tech was costly, and the run time was a few hours max. Today, we have the luxury to pick and choose from tens of amazing selections.

There are multiple applications for these lights as well. From planting a few guide-lights along a pathway, to installing gutter lights in the backyard, and then, there are the recent decorative uses. 

Read on to find our top picks for the best solar gutter lights, and how to choose the right one.

Best Overall: ROSHWEY Solar Gutter Lights

ROSHWEY Solar Gutter Lights
  • Large solar panel provides a high conversion ratio
  • Automatic switching at dusk and dawn
  • Full 180 degrees horizontal adjustment
  • 18 LEDs in each lighting head
  • Produce 200 Lumens of surrounding light
  • Made from a weather-resistant material
  • Short solar charging time
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Most solar gutter lights are easy to install, save power, and provide fair illumination. These lights top the list since they come with rather special features that we didn’t see in the other models.

The ROSHWEY lights have a larger solar panel, with a higher conversion rate of 18%. This increase in efficiency means that the battery can charge much faster than the smaller panels. In addition, to a higher illumination power.

The unique design isn’t limited to the shape. It’s also adjustable sideways, which offers plenty of lighting options. While some might assume that being larger means becoming bulkier, this is not the case at all, as these lights look quite slim and elegant.

The flexibility of these lighting systems extends to the way they could be mounted, and hence, to the locations they could be installed in. You can put them up in pretty much anywhere around the house. Besides the typical mounting bracket, which latches onto the gutter lid in seconds.

These lights come in a set of 4, all with a chic black finish. They’re a tad expensive compared to their peers, but totally worth the price.

Best With Motion Sensor: InnoGear Solar Gutter Lights

InnoGear Solar Gutter Lights Wall Sconces
  • Four lighting modes
  • Includes a built-in motion detector 
  • Large solar panel and high capacity battery
  • 80 LEDs supplying a whooping 450 Lumens
  • Extended aluminum pole to go beyond the shade
  • Water-proof with an IP65 rating
  • A wide lighting angle of 270 degrees
  • Versatile usage
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If these lights were a bit more budget-friendly, they’d be easily on top of our list. They are among the best gutter lights we’ve come across, as they provide far brighter lighter, they detect movement, and they can stand the harshest weather conditions.

The wider area of the solar panels, together with the layered innovative design, make these lights fully prepared to sponge the sunlight. To further optimize this process, the battery has a capacity of 2600mAh, which keeps the lights going throughout the night.

There are four lighting modes to choose from: half brightness, quarter brightness, dim and turn ON full-brightness with motion, and finally, OFF and turn ON full-brightness with motion. This way, you can utilize the stored energy as you please. 

These lights come with mounts that aren’t the typical easy to install gutter brackets. But we wouldn’t be quick to judge this as a disadvantage. The extra long aluminum pole pushes the lights off the wall a bit more than the regular mounts. This way, they’ll be constantly far from the shade throughout the day. 

These lights are sold in a set of two, and they are presented in only white color, which is pristine white. The InnoGear lights are a premium product with a premium price. They do however come with a bunch of advanced perks.

Best Budget Pick: FALOVE Outdoor Solar Gutter LED Lights

FALOVE Outdoor Solar Gutter LED Lights
  • Compact and fit easily into any setting
  • Have a long ON-time of 8-12 hours
  • Come at an affordable price
  • Short charge-time of about 4.5 hours
  • Provide a decorative mellow light
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These convenient lights are practical in every way. They are incredibly easy to install, and not just on gutters, you can put them up on fences, sheds, or just about any flat surface. They’re compact, yet these LEDs can provide dependable guidelights after dark. On top of all that, you can get them at a competitive price.

The FALOVE lights are intended as decorative items, or to provide a degree of illumination in dark areas. They aren’t heavy duty lights, and they may not be the best option if you live in a mostly rainy location. Otherwise, these LEDs would be a great purchase. 

Easiest to Install: iSunMoon Solar LED Gutter Lights

iSunMoon Gutter Solar Lights
  • Compact visually pleasant design
  • Versatile usage
  • Quality certification
  • Moderate run-time of 6-8 hours
  • Suitable for parties, decorations, and landscaping
  • IP55 waterproof rating
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If the previous compact lights are good in general except for their low brightness, these lights have all the benefits of the FALOVE lights, plus 100 Lumens of extra brightness. They do come at an extra price, naturally.

The appearance of both gutter lights is rather similar too. And they also share the easy and versatile installation. Two more aspects of the iSunMoon are noteworthy, and far exceed what its peer presents.

The iSunMoon gutter lights are compliant with the requirements of several quality assessment organizations, and they have the CE, FCC, and RoHS Certification. This reflects directly on the performance, safety, and durability of these devices. 

The set contains 6 lights, in addition to the installation brackets and screws. They only come in one color which is matte white. But they offer a choice of 3 LEDs or 9 LEDs per head. We recommend the latter. 

Best Looking: UniqueFire Outdoor Solar Light

UniqueFire Outdoor Solar Gutter Lights
  • Smart and aesthetically pleasing design
  • Good illumination and high brightness
  • Weather resistant housing
  • Long ON-time of around 8 hours
  • Versatile and can be installed in several locations
  • Long life-span reaching double that of its peers
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The decorative aspect of solar gutter lights necessitates that the lighting heads themselves look attractive. The UniqueFire lights fit the bill perfectly when it comes to aesthetics. The square shape and matt black finish are exactly what you need to complement the perimeter of your house.

Looks aren’t the only benefit you get from these lights, as they come with 12 LEDS, relaxing cold light, 400 Lumens, and a wide 125-degree illumination range.

The conversion rate is among the highest on this list, with a 20% photoelectric conversion. To go with these exceptional parameters, the battery has a high capacity of 1500mAh. These lamps are also heavy duty and weather-resistant fixtures.

In addition to the exceptional lighting and unique design, these lights are made to withstand harsh weather. They come with a water-proof rating of IP65, they’re heat resistant, and even immune to a bit of frost.

The set contains 6 lighting units, plus their installation hardware. You have 4 different mounting options for these lights, but only one color selection. The price is a bit above the mid-range, but then again the features are way above the average.

What Are Solar Gutter Lights?

Solar gutter lights, also known as yard lights, are stand alone LEDs that don’t need wiring to light up outdoor spaces. These lamps charge their internal batteries during the day using sunlight, then turn on automatically at night.

They aren’t flood lights that turn a dark area into a stadium. In fact, they’re more of little lanterns or guidelights.

The ‘gutter’ part of these lights comes from their mounting. They’re often screwed onto the lids of gutters, anywhere in the perimeter of the house. They could of course be attached to any similar surface, but that’s where most people like to put them. 

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How Do Solar Gutter Lights Work?

You mostly come across solar lights as you drive by any main street. Most lampposts employ this simple principle: they collect energy during the day, and use it up at night.

Solar panels transform light energy into electricity. When it’s not used on the spot, it’s directed to a battery for storage.

And when the lights start dimming around dusk, a light sensor signals that. Then, a photoresistor and relay prompt the charged battery to operate the lights.

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Typically, each solar cell generates around 0.45 volts. Yard lights usually have panels with 4 solar cells, which adds up to around 1.8 volts, with a maximum current of approximately 100 mAmp.

Commercial yard lights often contain a single AA NiCad battery, which operates 1.2 volt LED lights. It can store up to 700 mAmp Hr, which keeps the lights on for around 15 hours.     

Do You Need Solar Gutter Lights?

I’d say that you do. Here are a few benefits you can get from installing solar yard lights.

Wayfinding After Dark

Few of us can install regular lights everywhere around the house. It would be expensive to procure, costly to operate, and a lot of hard work to install.

Solar lights are much more flexible. Their stand alone nature and economic operational cost, make them a perfect solution for illuminating all the spots that are a bit distant from the house. The different paths and walkways are among the best places to light up with a solar light.

Economic Lighting

The best part about solar energy is that its running cost is almost free. There’s only the initial cost of installing the hardware, then it feeds off the sun.

Back in the day, solar cells were extremely costly. They weren’t commonly used in such domestic applications, since the tech and the price were prohibitive. Nowadays, things are much easier on our pockets. Not to mention the effects on the environment.

Extra Security for Your Home

Solar lights turn on the minute it gets dark. So even if you forget to turn on the porch lights, the backyard lights, or the garden lights, these ones will wake up at night on their own.

This is especially important if you have perimeter cameras, and a source of light is essential for them to operate properly.

Some solar lights are also equipped with motion sensors, so they turn on a brighter light as people approach or pass by. 

A Quick-and-Easy Solution

Putting up yard lights in the traditional way involves extensive wiring. The process could be further complicated if the fixtures need drilling and screwing in with specialized tools.

This isn’t the case with solar gutter lights, where installing them takes minutes. There’s no wiring around the place, and usually, they’re easy to attach to gutter rails or similar surfaces.

Adding an Aesthetic Value

Beauty is valuable. And surrounding ourselves with sights that please the eye give us instant serenity and a sense of wellbeing. An easy way to add a touch of finesse to your house is by lighting up a noteworthy location.

It’s as simple as adding a bit of extra light on a small garden statue, and urn full of seasonal blooms, or your newly decorated porch. In addition, solar lights are gaining popularity as garden landscaping. .    

How to Choose the Right Gutter Lights for Your House?

To select the right gutter lights for your house, you can refer to the following points. Consider them a checklist to cover all the essentials.

  1. The design of the light-heads should fit the general style of your home.
  2. Brightness levels range from around 15-500 Lumens. Pick the illumination level that suits your requirements.
  3. Color-temperature describes the quality of light. Choose daylight, cold light, or warm light.
  4. The number of LEDs shows how bright these spots would be. Get at least 9 per head.
  5. The area of the solar panel and conversion rate tell you how ‘clever’ these lights are at sponging sunlight.
  6. Select a battery with a high capacity (the mAhr rating), these give longer run-times.
  7.  Choose lights that can be installed easily to different surfaces.
  8. If you live in an area with harsh weather conditions, get a rugged light with a waterproof rating of IP65.
  9. Some lights come with motion sensors for further economy of energy. This is a good option.
  10. The angle of illumination differs from one light to another, it’s up to you to get a wide or narrow beam. Also, some light-heads are adjustable, and that’s always a plus. 

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Solar gutter lights are versatile little gimmicks with big benefits. They only cost an initial price, then they run at no extra costs at all. Which is the blessing of utilizing sunlight to create electricity.  

There’s also the perk of being stand-alone lighting units that don’t need wiring or connection with an electricity outlet. These solar LEDs save up sunlight during the day, then, illuminate your backyard, garden, porch, or pathways when it gets dark.  

All the items in this roundup are exceptional, but the ROSHWEY Solar Gutter Lights are the ones that seem to have it all. They have a large panel, they charge quickly, last longer, and they look amazing. They’re also adjustable, and they come at a fair price.  

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