BLUETTI AC200P Solar Generator Review

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This is our expert Bluetti AC200P Solar Generator Review.

It can be hard to decide on an off-grid portable power station! Of course, gas-powered ones are cheaper and seem like good value.

But, on the other hand, gas-powered anything is undoubtedly a thing of the past, plus, what about the running costs?

With this in mind, we’ve chosen to road test one of the best, most feature-rich solar power portable generators on the market today – the Bluetti AC200P Portable Solar Power Generator.

This portable power station can effectively power your RV or off-grid base camp by itself – that means all your electric devices are fully charged with enough left over to power high-capacity items like kettles, hairdryers, power delivery tools, or a sound system.

To get an idea of the Bluetti AC200P and what it can do for you, read on; our expert team has assessed the unit closely to give you the best overview of what you can expect.

BLUETTI AC200P Solar Generator Portable Power Station Review

BLUETTI AC200P Portable Power Station with Solar Panel

Wattage: 2000W Continuous/4800W Surge

Capacity: 2000wh

Weight: 60lbs

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There has to be a one-hit solution to power issues in an off-grid site! Basically, there is nothing worse than running out of juice when you least expect it and not having any backup.

This is true for laptops and phones. But it’s equally annoying when it’s your fridge that stops working, and the milk goes stale, or if you have to use a torch instead of your overhead lighting.

Not every solar power station gives you the power capacity and storage of the Bluetti – this is a unit that you can rely on wherever you are. What’s more, it’s super easy to transport and set up.

Simply connect up the panels and plug them into the unit. Then, angle the panels at the sun for around 3 hours, and you’re fully charged!

We’ve tested this unit in various off-grid situations under different conditions and scenarios. Below is the best of what this model has to offer.


When it comes to solar power generators, the AC200P is a monster! But that doesn’t mean it isn’t entirely portable. It will fit easily and snugly in your RV or off-grid residence.

Do you want a reliable source of clean energy to power high-capacity appliances in your ac outlets like your fridge, AC power unit, microwaves, hairdryers, heaters, and electric grills?

If so, this unit gives you the reliability you need to live comfortably, confident that your power needs are met. 

This generator is a formidable unit, but it’s also portable. It can be easily carried on a trolly or by two people, but you probably want to eventually set it up in a fixed location. In addition, the sizable unit offers advantages in the form of multi outlets for AC power and DC power. 

You will find two wireless charging pads on the unit, giving you BlueTooth options, a 12-volt car charger like your in-car cigarette lighter, along with AC and DC ports and dc power outlets.

These outlets give plenty of options for high-capacity electric devices or everyday trickle charging.

Finally, the stand-out design feature of the Bluetti unit is the digital touchscreen display and power button that gives you user-friendly access to the voltage control, aviation plug, and power usage levels.

Benefit from at-a-glance updates of power usage that are easy to optimize for top-class performance.


The Bluetti AC200P is not only a high capacity 2000 watt solar generator – it also has some other weighty features that make it stand out. Unlike other generators of its kind, the Bluetti AC200P has a maximum solar input of 700 watts.

This means you can have a full recharge in 3-3.5 hours, about as much time as it takes to enjoy a BBQ lunch with your family. The quick charging mode has a practical advantage as well – it means that charging can be more efficient when the sunlight is strongest. 

The Bluetti AC200P is perfect if you have a large family or love to party on your staycation. The unit features a wide variety of ac outlets that serve multi people at the same time. So how does 6 AC outlets sound? Two wireless charging pads, 4 USB-A outputs, and a 12V car charging cable.

With all this capability, you won’t have to worry about any of your devices going dead when you least expect it. Instead, enjoy all your home comforts in the wild surrounding you love!


The Bluetti AC200P is a high-capacity unit that serves families or people operating many devices on the road or off-grid! This unit is a 2000w portable power station. This further benefits from a high AC Inverter Load for AC outlets.

This unit is an all-in-one 2000w portable power station capable of everyday wireless charging and powering high-capacity devices like drills, kettles, and AC units.

At the same time, the Bluetti AC200P features 17 outlets of various kinds and facilitates multiple usages. You will find 6 AC (pure sine wave) outlets for your household appliances under 2000 watts. These devices include vacuums, refrigerators, and blenders.

You will also find a Constant 12V outlet for car-powered devices, convenient if you want to use a dedicated in-car device somewhere else on your site. 

In terms of usability, the Bluetti AC200P offers a high spec digital touch screen interface that gives you the real-time current, power output voltage, power, temperature, and wireless charging status of the generator and devices.

What could be better than knowing the precise data of your power usage and wireless charging devices at-a-glance? It helps you plan and optimize your on-site power requirements more efficiently than ever.

What’s more, the Bluetti Eco mode saves you power and stress by automatically shutting down output power under 50W for 4 hours. This prevents power wastage by up to 50%. 

How To Use

The Bluetti AC200P 2000Wh is the perfect solar generator for high-capacity use and muti-use. So how exactly does it work?

As with all solar generators, the primary power source is the sun. Although you can also charge the unit at the mains, it sort of defeats the purpose. At the same time, Bluetti AC200P 2000Wh comes with everything you need to hook up panels in your off-grid lifestyle and start wireless charging.

The panels connect easily to the device with clips, and you can monitor the power capacity on the digital control panel.

Although the Bluetti AC200P 2000Wh is solid and sizable, it is also compact and lightweight – it will fit neatly into your RV or off-grid base. We recommend you find a location for your generator that is convenient for electrical appliances but away from water or flammable containers.

Simply connect your portable devices to a suitable port of the Bluetti AC200P. You will find a standard wall outlet port for your laptop and phone. You will also find a 12V car charging port and several USB ports.  

Put on your economic hat when using the Bluetti AC200P – although it is a high-capacity unit, that doesn’t mean you should be wasteful. Understanding the power needs of your premises and optimizing for efficiency is always recommended.

Set your solar panels up to receive the sun across the hottest part of the day and optimize your power during this time to maximize solar power storage.

What Is A Solar Generator?

Whether it’s a power station for an RV holiday or off-grid living in Arizona, Colorado, or California, you can’t be without a solar generator.

You might be living off-grid, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on refrigerated milk, cool orange juice in the morning, or a flushable RV toilet; a power station is the answer!

On the contrary, these items can be relied upon without paying for costly energy or damaging the planet. 

In short, a portable power station is a set of panels and an energy storage device. The size and capability of this apparatus depend on your off-grid circumstances and your energy needs.

The solar power station captures energy using a hi-tech solar panel then stores this energy in batteries to power your rig or to use later. Most solar power generators are used for backup.

A solar power station might not be a long-term power solution for your residential property, but it can power your RV, boat, or off-grid lifestyle for some time.

The panels used for these generators are typically smaller and more portable than residential ones. This means you can move them around and point them at the sun as it progresses.

The batteries are also smaller and more portable, with options to plug in mobile appliances.

The Final Verdict


Top Class Charging

When it comes to charging, the Bluetti ac200P 2000Wh is second to none- and that’s not an exaggeration. You will discover that the five modes of charging on this 2000W portable power station, from AC and DC power sources, can’t be replicated by any other product.

The Bluetti AC200P 2000Wh has extensive possibilities for output changing, but it also benefits from top-class solar AC input charging. In addition, this device makes it easy to hook up seven solar panels in sequence to store up to 150V of clear solar power ready for use.

You can charge this unit from 0% in only 3 hours!   

Brilliant Battery Life

The Bluetti AC200P isn’t the average 2000W portable power station you will find on the market. Instead, this battery capacity is made from top-of-the-line, LG premium battery cells – the type of cells you’ll find in electric vehicles. You know you’re in for a high-end experience when you hear facts like that.

Everything about the Bluetti AC200P 2000Wh is built to last! But don’t take our word for it; check out the stats; You get over 2,500 cycles of battery life with its 1,700-watt lithium battery – enough capacity for years of daily use.

Tons of Output Options

You won’t be stuck for charging options with the Bluetti AC200P.

In fact, you will hardly even need to assess your devices before setting off on your adventure holiday. Why? Well, the Bluetti AC200P supports multiple AC and DC ports. In addition, you will find 6 AC wall outlets in the unit.

The Bluetti AC200P also supports DC devices with its excellent lithium iron phosphate battery, high-powered inverter and DC ports! This isn’t a feature you find on most generators on the market.

You can comfortably use power tools, hairdryers, and small oil heaters when the nights get chilly.


A Newish Product

We tested and reviewed the Bluetti AC200P in a range of situations and scenarios. Truthfully, it is an excellent solar generator with very little to criticize.

That said, the unit is new to the market, and there may be technical faults with it we haven’t discovered yet. So the only way to prove its true worth is to assess it over time.

The good news is the Bluetti AC200P comes with a 24-month warranty. So anything that does go wrong in the generous time scale means you can easily repair or replace your product. 

Some Drawbacks

On the road, the Bluetti AC200P offers excellent capacity and charging options. But that doesn’t make it a complete replacement for an on-grid power supply.

With an on-grid power supply, you don’t think twice about the power you use – at least until the energy bills come through. The Bluetti AC200P does its best to compete with this kind of confident usage, but invariably it falls short.

The Bluetti AC200P can support high-demand usage but isn’t a complete replacement for on-grid power.

A Weighty Unit

The Bluetti AC200P is an excellent off-grid power source for everyday use or power outages. But it is a little heavier than other AC output generators.

Don’t expect to carry this unit easily by yourself. You will need some help or a trolley to get it to your preferred site. While this may be something of an inconvenience when traveling, the benefits of high capacity usage probably outweigh the effort of shifting the unit.

Although it is a bit on the weighty side, the unit is very compact. Find the right spot for it, move it, and it will fit snuggly in a corner or under a bench. 

What To Look For In A Solar Generator


Do you need a portable power station for long-term off-grid living, or do you need something a little more portable for everyday use?

Although other solar generators are designed to be portable, you will find that some are more portable than others. 

The last thing you want is to struggle with your portable power station every year when going on a staycation. On the other hand, you definitely don’t want to run out of backup power delivery when you’re in Rocky Mountain National Park.

It’s best to go for a portable power station in the middle. Something in the 35lb range will be easy to carry and give you sufficient backup power.

Charging Time

When it comes to a portable power station, “economy” is everything. First, you need to do your homework on the wattage and usage of your appliances, then calculate the size of the battery on the generator you’re looking at.

The charging time will depend on the wattage of the power station and its time in the sun.

You have a good deal of sunshine in the US wherever you are, but you will get more in the south. Still, you can expect to charge your power station for 5 hours a day. 

This means that 500-watt panels will produce 2,500 watts across the day, minus the wattage you use during the charging time. So what you have leftover will power you through the night.  


Naturally, you want to check out the price before deciding on a power station, but you might be in for a bit of shock.

The price tags on solar power delivery generators could have you switching your search terms for gas-powered ones instead. However, before you head off in the fossil fuel direction, consider that a solar power station is cheaper in the long term, and they provide squeaky clean power, unlike gas guzzlers.

While an average gas power station is likely to cost you around $1000, you can expect to pay at least double that for a solar power generator. The good news is this is the only cost you will have.

Output Wattage

The power output of your solar power station is quite important! You need to get the balance right between how much power you can generate with the apparatus and how much energy you draw in your ac outlets.

For instance, the power output of your solar power station should be at least two times that of your power draw. If you require a 2000w portable power station to power your refrigerator, your dc port, your output ports, solar input ports, and your toilet, then you need a solar charging unit that brings in 4000 watts.

Any extra wattage from your power station will be stored in the large-capacity battery management system for more power.

Solar Panels

The demand for portable panels is growing as more people work remotely and want to stay connected to the world while living in the wilderness. Due to demand and improved solar charging cell technology, there is more choice than ever before.

Two of the main things to look for in your panels are efficiency and portability. Firstly, you need panels with a suitable power output for your needs – these can be too cumbersome if you want to maximize your time in the sun.

After these considerations, there are a wide range of additional features that might entice you. Short circuit protection, an AC adapter, DC port, lithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, kickstands, and weatherproofing are all available.

Who Makes The Best Solar Generators?

The best solar generator makers are dedicated, and none are more dedicated than Bluetti.

Bluetti power station is a segment brand meaning it is focused on the niche market of off-grid generators. As such, it is committed to finding the best solutions for a high-capacity portable power station.

Suggested Reading: Best Solar Generators For The Money

When you buy most power stations, you want to know that the company that designed it is genuine. That is certainly the case with Renology. Since 2010, they have been designing and making solar products for the off-grid market. Renology is an award-winning company!

There’s also Goal Zero. Their aim is singular, to empower people with a bright, safe, connected, and sustainable future. Their latest line of Yeti Power products offers high-capacity power stations that might one day rival the Bluetti AC200P. As with all good makers, this team is small and dedicated.

Are Solar Generators Worth It?

Picture other power stations, such as gas or oil-powered one that required fossil fuels to run. Although fossil fuel generators tend to be cheaper, they are loud and spew toxic fumes into the serene surroundings of your campsite.

Still, you need an everyday power source for your devices when you’re on the road. It wouldn’t be much of a vacation or digital nomad lifestyle if you couldn’t connect to the internet or keep your favorite drinks cool on hot days.

Although they have a higher upfront price tag, portable power stations quickly pay you back with convenience and life quality. They are perfect for a power outage or everyday energy that is clean and free of charge, like a renewable wall outlet.

Are Solar Generators Loud?

When you head off to the rocky cliffs of Colorado, you might spot a mule deer or an elk in the quiet morning light as you drink your green tea. Equally, you might spot deer, eagles, or owls in the northern forests of California – but not if you run a gas-powered generator.

Gas power stations might be cheaper to buy, but do you really want them to ruin the serene environment of your vacation spot and spook the local wildlife? If the answer is no, search for solar power stations.

With no moving parts and no need for fuels, solar power stations are silent to run. They also provide the same capacities as gas ones – better in some cases!

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