9 Amazingly Simple and Unique DIY Solar Light Ideas

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We are obviously pretty big advocates of all things solar around here, but nothing gets our eco-friendly hearts fluttering quite like a garden full of solar lights.

Thankfully there is no shortage of inspiration to be found online, and we’ve compiled a list of DIY Solar Light Ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

DIY Solar Lights Inspiration

#1 – Solar Log Lamp

This would make an elegant addition to a fire pit or could serve as a unique & fun pathway light. All you need is a log (birch in this case) and the head to any standard solar path light.

#2 – Solar Liquor Bottle Light

You could use just about any sort of bottle for this project, but the classic Jack Daniels looks is hard to beat. Perfect for a backyard happy hour with friends.

#3 – DIY Reed Basket Hanging Solar Lights

What’s not to love about these fun lights made that can be constructed for items costing less than $20 at your local hobby shop? Check out the full instructions over at H2OBungalow.

#4 – Mason Jar Solar Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are on trend and we think they make such a unique spin on the classic look of DIY Solar Mason Jar lights. Super cheap and super gorgeous!

#5 – Multi Color Solar Jar Lights

This is another super easy spin on the tried and true look of jar lights. Simply swap out clear jars for ones with hues of various color and you’ve added a quick pop of color to any outdoor setting.

#6 – UpCycled Lamps

Use the scroll feature on this post to get a glimpse of all the unique ways this creative DIYer combined solar lights with repurposed lamps to create a stunning display for her garden.

#7 – Spooky DIY Solar Halloween Lights

Don’t be frightened by how easy and festive this DIY Halloween display is. In fact, this has idea wheels spinning and thinking about how to do something similar with a jack-o-latern!

#8 – Solar Garden Globe Lights

This is such a great example of how simple solar pathway lights can be combined with existing items from around your home and result in truly unique pieces. What do you have laying around that you can get started with today?

#9 – Colorful Candlestick Solar Lights

This combination of glass candlesticks and solar lights are a fantastically easy way of adding pops of color to your outdoor light displays. Can you say ambiance?

DIY Solar Light Tips

The wonderful thing about making DIY solar lights is that the only limit is your imagination!

While you have many different routes you can go here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  1. Jars or bottle with interesting shapes and facets result in unique light displays. Don’t be afraid to experiment!
  2. Along with interesting shapes, using different color glass is another way to add a pop of style to your lights
  3. Make sure your lights can support the weight of whatever you put on top of them. If you have a heavy jar or glass item, be sure the weight is fully secured.
  4. Using multiple light sources with varying brightness. You can mix dimmer 5 lumen solar lights with brighter lights for a very unique display!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully these ideas have your creative juices flowing and helped inspire you for your next project.

Have more awesome ideas we should know about?

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