Is 5 Lumens Bright For Solar Lights?

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Is 5 lumens bright for solar lights? I’ve tested hundreds of different solar lights and often field questions about the proper level of brightness.

So let’s dive right in!

5 lumens is not considered bright for solar lights and is a very low level of dim light. There are many situations where dimmer solar lights are advantageous or preferred, such as a soft accent light for decks, pathways, fences, or pergolas. However, if your goal is to light a large area or prefer brighter lights, 5 lumens will not be enough for your needs.

Let’s take a closer look at what 5 lumens means, when to use a 5 lumen solar light, and when you may want to consider a brighter solar light.

What Does 5 Lumen Solar Light Mean?

Lumens are the measure of light that comes out of a light bulb and is used as a way to describe how bright (or dim) a light is. More lumens results in a brighter light and fewer lumens in a dimmer light.

To provide some perspective, one lumen is meant to equal the brightness of one candle. Thus, a 5 lumen solar light is roughly as bright as 5 candle-power. Overall it is a very low level of light and in comparison, a 60W kitchen light is typically rated for 800 lumens, which is 160 times brighter than a 5 lumen solar light.

Solar lights can range as high as 1,000 lumens or more so 5 is on the very low end of the spectrum.

When To Use 5 Lumen Solar Lights For Optimal Brightness

is a 5 lumen solar light bright enough for fairy lights

Not all situations call for brighter solar lights and there are many times when dimmer lights are preferable. They are great as mood lights and accent lights rather than display or flood lights, and are a great alternative to manually turning off your solar lights.

When it comes to solar lights, 5 lumens makes sense for the following types:

Solar Pathway Lights — 5 lumen solar lights are the lowest I’d recommend for pathways lights but they are perfect to line garden beds or to dimly illuminate a footpath. However, if you need lights to mark a safe path or if your lights are placed far away from the ground, 5 lumens might not be enough, and you may want to consider going brighter.

Solar Deck Lights — Dimmer lights are often preferred for solar deck lights to set ambiance and mood without being overpowering and 5 lumen solar lights are ideal in those situations.

Solar Fence Lights –I use solar fence lights as a way of easily identifying the border of my property rather than illuminating large areas and I find that 5 lumen lights are perfect.

Solar Fairy Lights – Solar fairy lights are popular in DIY garden lights and other solar crafts. A 5 lumen light will provide just enough light to make your creations come to and help add character and charm to an outdoor setting.

Solar Pergola Lights — Pergolas are another location where soft mood setting lights are typically preferred over bright harsh lights. 5 lumen solar lights are definitely in consideration here.

When 5 Lumens Is Not Bright Enough For Your Solar Lights

By now it’s hopefully become obvious that solar lights rated to 5 lumens are perfect for low light settings and work great as mood lighting and ambiance setters.

So when are they not great to use? In most every other situation, more specifically, when you are trying to light an area for easy visibility.

Thus I don’t recommend using 5 lumen solar lights for any of the following:

  • Solar Flood Lights
  • Solar Security Lights
  • Motion Sensor Solar Lights
  • Underwater Solar Lights
  • Solar Christmas Lights
  • Solar Lamp Posts

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Good Brightness For Solar Lights?

For most situations, I recommend choosing a solar light that emits light somewhere in the range of 40-80 lumens. However, dimmer lights like 5 lumen solar lights are better for situations when lower light is preferred.

Is A 10 Lumen Solar Light Brighter Than A 5 Lumen Solar Light?

Yes, a 10 lumen light is brighter than a 5 lumen light. Lumens are a measure of how much brightness is emitted by a light source and the higher the number of lumens the brighter the light is.

Is 5 Lumens Bright For Solar Lights? My Final Thoughts

Will a 5 lumen solar light be bright enough for your needs?

No, 5 lumens is not considered very bright, but it is perfect for accent or mood lighting. It just won’t be strong enough to light up a large area.

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