Malibu Solar Lights: Reviews To Read Before You Buy

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What are the best malibu solar lights for your needs and how do they stack up with the competition?

I’ve been blogging about solar lights and other solar products since 2019 and have a good bit of hands-on experience with the Malibu brand of solar lights.

My goal with this guide is to share everything I’ve uncovered in my research about Malibu Solar Lights. I’m going to discuss the different types of Malibu solar lights, the technical specifications of malibu lights, and share my review of the best solar lights malibu makes.

Where Can You Buy Malibu Solar Lights?

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You can purchase Malibu solar lights from most major online retailers including:

You can also often find malibu lights for sale online at smaller online stores, but their inventory levels won’t be as consistent as Amazon, Walmart, and eBay.

Target, Costco, and Home Depot are known to sell Malibu Solar Lights too, but they weren’t in stock when I last checked, so I didn’t include a link to any of those stores.

What Types Of Solar Lights Does Malibu Make?

Malibu is one of the biggest manufacturers of solar lights and has been making them for over a decade. They have a wide catalog of different types of solar lights including:

  • Malibu Solar Path Lights
  • Malibu Solar Accent Lights
  • Malibu Outdoor Solar Lights
  • Malibu Solar Christmas Lights
  • Malibu Solar Post Lights
  • Malibu Solar Flood Lights
  • Malibu Solar Spot Lights
  • Malibu Solar Fence Lights
  • Malibu Solar Tiki Lights

Of that group, they have more models of path lights than any others, which is understandable because path lights of the most popular types of outdoor solar lights.

What Are The Best Malibu Solar Lights In 2023?

Malibu LED Solar Landscape Pathway T-Light

My Review: Powered by 8 lumens and 6 warm white LED lights these are a fantastic addition to any backyard or garden. They are rated for 9 hours of use but I’m super pleased to say that my testing showed they lasted for over 11 hours and ran almost all night long! I also like the overall design and look of these lights and that they combine functionality with style.

Malibu Mason Jar Solar String Lights

My Review: These solar powered mason jar string lights are a great way to make lighting part of your outdoor decor. Each set of these string lights comes with 10 mini mason jars with fairy lights already inside. You just have to hang them and they are ready to go, which is more convenient than making DIY solar mason lights.

Other Models Of Malibu Solar Lights

The complete catalog of Malibu Solar Lights includes all of the following models of lights:

  • Malibu 6 Pack Calypso Solar Pathway Lights
  • 2 pcs Outdoor Solar Malibu LED Light For Garden
  • Malibu Star Solar Bottle String Light – 20 pack
  • 54 Lumen Solar LED Wall Wash
  • Malibu 8406-2635-01 Low Voltage LED Flood Light

Replacement Parts For Malibu Solar Lights

Replacement parts for Malibu Solar Lights are available online at Amazon where you can find replacement bulbs as well as these landscape light path stakes replacements.

However, I was unable to locate any replacement solar panels for malibu solar lights, nor was I able to find any replacement solar lids for malibu lights, so if your lights aren’t working and you want to make them last longer, you may have to use generic solar parts.

Malibu Solar Accent Lighting AA Replacement Batteries

Malibu Solar Accent Lighting AA Replacement Batteries come in 4 packs and are available for purchase on Amazon, but I wasn’t able to find them online for sale anywhere else.

These batteries are designed to replace all 1500 mAh or less capacity solar light batteries. When you first get the batteries they will be uncharged, which is annoying but not that big of a deal as long as you remember to charge them before you need them.

Is Malibu Lighting Still in Business?

Yes, Malibu Lighting is still in business and their lights are retailing online at many major stores like Amazon and Walmart. They continue to manufacture outdoor lights, solar lights, and replacement parts for their products.

Final Thoughts

Malibu solar lights are on par with industry standards. Nothing great but nothing that bad either and if you found them at a good price I say go ahead an buy them!

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