Why Do Solar Lights Have An On/Off Switch?

why do solar lights have an on/off switch?

Ever since I’ve run a solar blog I’ve been asked why do solar lights have an on/off switch, and I have to admit it struck me as funny at first too. But now that I’ve spent countless hours testing and reviewing solar lights it makes more sense to me.  The main reason solar lights have … Read more

Malibu Solar Lights: Reviews To Read Before You Buy

malibu solar lights in my backyard

What are the best malibu solar lights for your needs and how do they stack up with the competition? I’ve been blogging about solar lights and other solar products since 2019 and have a good bit of hands-on experience with the Malibu brand of solar lights. My goal with this guide is to share everything … Read more

Is 5 Lumens Bright For Solar Lights?

is 5 lumens bright for solar lights

Is 5 lumens bright for solar lights? I’ve tested hundreds of different solar lights and often field questions about the proper level of brightness. So let’s dive right in! 5 lumens is not considered bright for solar lights and is a very low level of dim light. There are many situations where dimmer solar lights … Read more

Best Solar Pool Lights: 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

best solar pool lights

Looking to make a splash this summer?  This article takes a close look at the best solar pool lights available today and what makes them so great! Our team has tested a range of solar lights for color, durability, versatility, and price to bring you our top 10 picks across multiple different categories. Read on … Read more

10 Best Solar Lamp Posts Reviews (2023 Update)

best solar lamp posts

Solar lamp posts are a classy yet affordable way of adding year round lighting to your yard, driveway, or garden. This is our review of the best solar lamp posts available on the market today. We’ll share our top 10 favorites and pass along all the details we uncovered during our research process. Let’s get … Read more

Best Solar Flood Lights: Our Top 10 Favorites

best solar flood lights

The future is bright, but it doesn’t have to be expensive with the best solar flood lights. Solar flood lights are one of the most effective ways to add some luminosity to your garden or porch area without breaking the bank. As they are powered by solar energy, these flood lights are far kinder to … Read more

Trick or Treat: The 5 Best Solar Halloween Lights

best solar halloween lights

Every year, millions of Americans pull out all the stops to decorate their homes for Halloween. However, from cobwebs to pumpkins, there’s no better way to light up your haunted house for unwitting trick or treaters than with a spooky set of solar Halloween lights. To help you choose your perfect set, we’ve assembled a … Read more

Best Solar Deck Lights Based On My Own Research & Testing

solar deck lights

I’ve tested and compared over 23 different brands to settle on my picks for the 10 Best Solar Deck Lights. Which solar deck lights are right for you and which ones should you avoid? Our buyer’s guide has everything you need to know before buying your new solar lights and whenever possible I included links … Read more

How To Make Solar Lights Brighter: A 10 Step Guide

how to make solar lights brighter

Tired of your solar lights not shining as brightly as they should? Do you want to ensure your lights are bright enough to read in your garden at night? Wondering why your newly purchased lights are dim? Then we have just the guide for you! Solar lights are a fantastic environmentally friendly option for any … Read more

How Do Solar Lights Work?

Image of a solar light

Using the sun to power our lights seems like a great idea but how do solar lights work, exactly? How can solar lights continue shining late into the night, long after the sun goes down? Well, we’re here to let you in on the secret not only of how solar lights work but their benefits … Read more