Why Do Solar Lights Come On During The Day?

Why do solar lights come on during day

Solar lights are an example of how technology is evolving throughout the years. That mankind has discovered a way to utilize the pure energy of the sun is a true marvel. We still have a ways to go before achieving true technological perfection. Such a new invention is sure to be slightly faulty, and this … Read more

How to Charge Solar Lights Without Sun: Try These 3 Tips

3 Ways to Charge Solar Lights Without Sun

When it comes to switching to solar energy in homes, people are usually hesitant. Part of the reason why is their concern about energy inconsistency. It’s a very justifiable concern. After all, the sun isn’t around all day. Moreover, clouds can take hold of the horizon at any time, right? Well, not so fast. Here’s … Read more

6 Tips to Make Solar Lights Last Longer

How to Make Solar Lights Last Longer

The excessive use of fossil fuels happening today isn’t doing our planet any good. We can safely say that switching to a renewable energy source like solar energy is the right thing to do. So, first of all, thank you! Using rechargeable solar lights can be expensive up-front. However, in the long run, it’ll save … Read more

How to Clean Solar Lights: A 4-Step Guide to Cleaner Lights

the best way to clean solar lights

The vast majority of solar lights are installed outside in lawns, pool areas, or gardens. That’s because they’re cost-effective and employ a simple method to recreate light from the sun. Unfortunately those are also locations that lead to dirty lights and panels. The soiling on the solar panels normally lessens their capacity to transform the … Read more

Best Solar Dock Lights: Our Top Picks & Buying Guide

Solar Dock Lights

Whether you have a boat that you can’t get into at night, or you’re afraid of intruders getting in your dark driveway when the night settles, solar dock lights are probably the solution to your problems. Solar dock lights are a clever solution to light outdoors. They’re eco-friendly, highly efficient, and affordable. Can you ask … Read more

Best Solar Gutter Lights: Our Favorites for 2021

5 Best Solar Gutter Lights

A decade ago we probably wouldn’t be discussing solar gutter lights at all. The tech was costly, and the run time was a few hours max. Today, we have the luxury to pick and choose from tens of amazing selections. There are multiple applications for these lights as well. From planting a few guide-lights along … Read more

How Long Do Solar Lights Last? The Top 4 Factors

How Long Do Solar Lights Last

We’ve come pretty far with modern technology. We recently landed a rover on Mars, we can video chat with each other from almost anywhere in the world, and we even have self driving vehicles! But impressive is all that is, almost everything made by man breaks eventually and than includes solar products. How long do … Read more