7 Benefits of Solar Lights You May Not Have Considered

The sun is the life-giver of all things, and solar power is our future. As we all try to do our bit for the planet, there has never been a better time to get the most of the summer sunshine by investing in a solar lighting system. Solar lighting systems not only burn incredibly brightly … Read more

The 10 Best Outdoor Solar Lights For Gardens,Yards, & Patios

image showing 4 different outdoor solar lights

Outdoor solar lights are a fantastic, affordable, and eco-friendly way to decorate your garden or outdoor area. Whether you have a huge yard, sprawling garden, a modestly sized terrace, or a small but cozy balcony, solar lighting can provide the perfect lighting solution and completely transform your outdoor space. There are a wide variety of … Read more

Best Solar Step Lights: Our Top 10 Favorite Picks

Solar Light on a Step

Finding your way through your garden at night can be a nightmare. With so many potential tripping hazards, it can also become an extremely dangerous task. Thankfully, solar step lights might be just what you need. Offering an easy installation and a glow that can guide you up to your steps, solar lights are a … Read more

9 Amazingly Simple and Unique DIY Solar Light Ideas

image of a DIY Solar Lantern

We are obviously pretty big advocates of all things solar around here, but nothing gets our eco-friendly hearts fluttering quite like a garden full of solar lights. Thankfully there is no shortage of inspiration to be found online, and we’ve compiled a list of DIY Solar Light Ideas to get your creative juices flowing. DIY … Read more

The Best (And Brightest) Solar Christmas Lights

House with Solar Powered Christmas Lights on Display

Christmas lights are an integral part of the holiday season, but unfortunately, so is the electric bill that comes with powering them for a month or more. If you’re tired of shelling out the same amount for your lights as you do for your presents, there is a way to power your lights in an … Read more

Why Do Solar Lights Come On During The Day?

Why do solar lights come on during day

Solar lights are an example of how technology is evolving throughout the years. That mankind has discovered a way to utilize the pure energy of the sun is a true marvel. We still have a ways to go before achieving true technological perfection. Such a new invention is sure to be slightly faulty, and this … Read more

How To Charge Solar Lights Without Sun: 3 Easy Tips

how to charge solar lights without sun

This is our guide on how to charge solar lights without sun. Solar power is clean, cheap, and bountiful – it’s no wonder there’s been a surge in demand for solar light panels and solar cell lights in recent years. It’s also no surprise there have been massive improvements in solar cell technology. But solar … Read more

How to Make Solar Lights Last Longer

How to Make Solar Lights Last Longer

This is our guide on how to make solar lights last longer. You might not have noticed, but the humble solar light has rapidly become a staple of modern America. Step outside for an evening stroll and it’s almost impossible to avoid the gentle glow of solar lights illuminating flowerbeds, garden paths, yards, and parks. … Read more

How to Clean Solar Lights: Our Expert Tips

the best way to clean solar lights

Solar lights are a fantastic way to light up any outdoor space, lower your carbon footprint, and save yourself some money in the process. Solar garden lights get their power from the sun – by turning solar energy into renewable, eco-friendly electricity – they are almost always used exclusively as outdoor lights. However, as with … Read more