Why Do Solar Lights Come On During The Day?

Why do solar lights come on during day

Solar lights are an example of how technology is evolving throughout the years. That mankind has discovered a way to utilize the pure energy of the sun is a true marvel. We still have a ways to go before achieving true technological perfection. Such a new invention is sure to be slightly faulty, and this … Read more

How to Charge Solar Lights Without Sun: Try These 3 Tips

3 Ways to Charge Solar Lights Without Sun

This is our guide on how to charge solar lights without sun. Solar power is clean, cheap, and bountiful – it’s no wonder there’s been a surge in demand for solar light panels and solar cell lights in recent years. It’s also no surprise there have been massive improvements in solar cell technology. But solar … Read more

How to Make Solar Lights Last Longer

How to Make Solar Lights Last Longer

This is our guide on how to make solar lights last longer. You might not have noticed, but the humble solar light has rapidly become a staple of modern America. Step outside for an evening stroll and it’s almost impossible to avoid the gentle glow of solar lights illuminating flowerbeds, garden paths, yards, and parks. … Read more

How to Clean Solar Lights: Our Expert Tips

the best way to clean solar lights

Solar lights are a fantastic way to light up any outdoor space, lower your carbon footprint, and save yourself some money in the process. Solar garden lights get their power from the sun – by turning solar energy into renewable, eco-friendly electricity – they are almost always used exclusively as outdoor lights. However, as with … Read more

Best Solar Dock Lights: Our Top Picks & Buying Guide

Solar Dock Lights

Whether you have a boat that you can’t get into at night, or you’re afraid of intruders getting in your dark driveway when the night settles, solar dock lights are probably the solution to your problems. Solar dock lights are a clever solution to light outdoors. They’re eco-friendly, highly efficient, and affordable. Can you ask … Read more

Best Solar Gutter Lights: Our Favorites for 2022

5 Best Solar Gutter Lights

A decade ago we probably wouldn’t be discussing solar gutter lights at all. The tech was costly, and the run time was a few hours max. Today, we have the luxury to pick and choose from tens of amazing selections. There are multiple applications for these lights as well. From planting a few guide-lights along … Read more

How Long Do Solar Lights Last?

How Long Do Solar Lights Last

The future looks bright for solar lighting devices. Solar energy is one of the most eco-friendly and long-lasting ways of illuminating any outdoor space, and it is estimated that much of the world’s power will be solar fueled by 2030. Today, however, solar-powered lights – when compared to traditional fluorescent or Incandescent lighting – are … Read more