Best Solar Powered Bug Zappers For A Mosquito Free Yard

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Summer is fast approaching and that means insect season will be upon us.

Mosquitoes, flies and other annoying bugs can ruin what should be an otherwise pleasant evening.

But the good news is, you don’t have to put up with it!

The best solar powered bug zappers get rid of those pesky bugs so you can get on with enjoying your escape to nature.

Best Solar Powered Bug Zappers of 2023

This guide will cover everything you need to know about these amazing inventions.

Let’s jump straight in!

Solar Powered Bug Zapper Reviews

Best Overall: MeetUs Solar Power Mosquito Lamp

The best performing solar bug zapper goes to this model from MeetUs. The great performance and resistance to hot temperature exposure make it a great choice for your backyard. It’s easy to set up and hangs up conveniently thanks to its handle.

Made from top-quality stainless steel so it’s not only practical, but it looks great too. Use it as solar light or an effective mosquito catcher. If you want to enjoy outdoor activities without bugs and insects attacking you, this is the light for you.

Extremely quiet and safe, it has an effective range of 80㎡. Also includes a USB cable so you can keep it fully charged on dull days.

Best Design: Solar Powered LED Mosquito Killer Lamp

The solar-powered mosquito zapper with the best design is this one thanks to its non-clogging grid. The powerful UV light also attracts those annoying bugs from up to an impressive 80 feet away. It’s silent and doesn’t need any insecticides or chemicals, making it eco-friendly.

Comes complete with a USB cable so you can charge it up when the sun hasn’t come out to play. Solar-powered, energy-saving, and safe; you don’t need any wires to connect it.

Super easy to use, once you’ve set it up, it automatically switches off during the day and turns on at night. The plastic shield protects you from shocks when you’re handling it and it’s safe around children and pets.

Honorable Mention: GutReise Portable Solar Powered Outdoor Bug Light

The intelligent solar panel on this model from GutReise automatically puts the batteries on charge during the day, ensuring energy is not wasted. The lights then automatically turn on at night.

This multifunctional garden solar bug zapper is also eco-friendly! The energy-saving light is perfectly safe for both people and pets and is completely portable thanks to the handle.

The IP54 rating makes it waterproof and it’s resistant to high temperatures. Easy to install, this solar power bug zapper can be hung up or inserted into the ground for maximum versatility!

Most Portable: MAYSAK Camping Lantern Bug Zapper

If you’re looking for an ultra-portable solar bug zapper, this MAYSAK camping light is what you need. The sturdy but lightweight design makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It’s also easy to carry thanks to the ergonomic handle.

The removable shell makes it ideal for a variety of uses such as reading, fishing, and camping trips. It comes with a solar panel and a USB cable for convenient charging. The IP67 waterproof rating and waterproof switches make it ideal for outdoor use.

It’s able to withstand rain and constant splashes as well as being easy to clean. Can be used as a lamp thanks to the bright LED light or to effectively kill insects.

Best Budget Option: Tekno Bug/Insect Zap Guard

If you’re on a budget, look no further than this solar bug zapper from Tekno. This solar power mosquito killer has two modes of lighting – choose between white LED lights or UV light to attract and kill annoying mosquitoes and other flying insects.

The automatic dusk and dawn sensor saves you having to switch it on and off every day and it’s environmentally friendly; it doesn’t use chemicals or sprays and it doesn’t produce fumes.

Easy to install. Safe around people and pets and there are no wires or electricity involved! It’s very quiet and weather-resistant, so it’s an ideal choice for the outdoors.

Solar Power Bug Zapper Buyer’s Guide

How Do Solar Powered Bug Zappers Work?

There’s nothing better than sitting in your backyard on a warm summer’s evening. That is until insects start plaguing you.

A solar bug zapper works the same way as a traditional insect zapper, even at night. The difference is that solar zappers absorb energy from the sun instead of relying on electricity.

A solar bug zapper will have an integrated solar panel, usually on top of the light for maximum sunlight exposure. Placing the insect zapper in a sun soaked area means it can absorb energy from the sun, which in turn charges the battery.

The UV light that’s emitted by the device is what attracts the insects. It causes them to move towards the light where they are electrocuted between the metal grids. Because bugs are attracted to bright light, they make very effective insect killer devices.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Solar Powered Bug Zapper?

In today’s market, there are many types of insect and mosquito repellents. The issue is that many of them use chemicals and substances that can be seriously harmful to our health. For this reason, many people are turning to less harmful ways of killing pests in the form of solar bug zappers.

These bug zappers use solar energy to power themselves and they’re very easy to install. Most of them are weather-resistant too, so they don’t need much maintenance.

Solar mosquito and insect zappers don’t contain any harmful chemicals so they create a safe environment, which is essential if you have pets or children. They’re also ideal for people who have asthma and other respiratory conditions because there are no insecticides or chemicals used.

They’re also fairly inexpensive to buy, making them perfect for a variety of settings. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use and when you’re off on camping and hiking adventures.

Another benefit of using a bug zapper is that they don’t need batteries to power them. They use the sunlight to charge themselves, making them very convenient.

How Well Do Solar Bug Zappers Work?

This depends on which zapper you choose because some are better than others. With that said, if the light is powerful enough and it’s charged fully, your bug zapper should work very effectively!

As mentioned earlier, they’re a much safer alternative to insect repellants that contain potentially harmful chemicals and other insecticides.

How Do You Use A Solar Bug Zapper?

The great thing about a bug zapper is that it’s easy to use and requires minimal installation. Most zappers have handles so you can hang them up, others you may have to peg into the ground.

The most important thing is where the zapper is positioned. You’ll want to place it in a position where it’s in direct sunlight as this is how it will keep itself charged up. When it’s charged fully it can last for around 8 hours or maybe more.

You may be wondering how it can charge itself if it’s a dull day. Unfortunately, without sunlight, the zapper can’t charge itself. For this reason, most of them come with a USB cable so you can charge it up yourself.

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What Should You Look For In A Solar Bug Zapper?

Before you rush out and buy your new mosquito zapper, there are some things you should look for.

  • Material: A zapper that’s made from aluminum or stainless steel rather than plastic is less likely to break and it’ll be waterproof. It’s also more aesthetically-pleasing than a plastic product. However, plastic zappers make great budget-friendly options!
  • Price: Make sure you think about your budget before you decide on which product to buy. As our list shows, you don’t have to spend a fortune to eliminate those annoying bugs and mosquitoes!
  • Power: Look at how long the zapper takes to charge and how long it lasts. Check whether there’s an on and off switch as well or anything else that’s related to the power.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, by now you’ve got a good idea of what you have to know before you decide on a particular product. Bug zappers that utilize solar energy are a fantastic alternative to traditional bug repellants.

Whether you’re on a budget or you want to splash out a bit, there’s a bug zapper to suit your needs. Think about whether you want a staked lantern that you can stick into the ground or a portable one.

If you’re going camping in the summer, you might want to consider a portable one so you can use it both at home and on your adventures!

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