Best Solar Step Lights: Our Top 10 Favorite Picks

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Finding your way through your garden at night can be a nightmare.

With so many potential tripping hazards, it can also become an extremely dangerous task. Thankfully, solar step lights might be just what you need.

Offering an easy installation and a glow that can guide you up to your steps, solar lights are a perfect addition to any deck or garden.

Today we have covered the best solar step lights currently on the market, so you don’t need to spend hours browsing the web.

From multi-color options to versatile designs, read on to see our thoughts on some of the best solar step lights available on the market today!

Best Solar Step Lights of 2023

Solar Powered Step Lights Reviews

Best Overall: XLUX Outdoor Solar Deck Step Lights

XLUX Outdoor Solar Deck Step Lights


  • Easy-to-install design
  • Up to 9 hours of battery life
  • Premium poly-crystalline silicon solar panels
  • Robust stainless steel
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When it comes to the best overall solar step lights, few can compare to the XLUX Outdoor Lights.

Offering a sleek metal design that can withstand even the worst of outdoor storms, few solar lights can match up to these.

In terms of installation, XLUX has made these a breeze. Simply find a place where they will receive a decent level of direct sunlight and fasten them in place with the provided screws – it is really that simple.

The solar panel itself is also no slouch, as it is both extremely durable and highly efficient. Each outdoor solar light provided in this pack features its own energy-efficient solar light, which can keep the bright light shining throughout the night.

If you are after an effective set of solar deck lights that don’t cost an arm and a leg, then be sure to keep your eyes on these XLUX outdoor lights.

With impressive battery life and fantastic brightness, these are suitable for all types of gardens.

Best For Budget: JACKYLED Solar Step Lights

JACKYLED Solar Deck Lights
  • Each LED offers an impressive brightness level
  • Easy to install and installation screws are included
  • IP44 waterproof rating
  • Automatically charges
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Purchasing a premium set of solar deck lights doesn’t need to cost a fortune, and the JACKYLED Solar Step Lights are a perfect example.

Available in a range of different colors, if you are looking to add a unique flair to your garden, then these could be the lights for you.

Convenience is key when it comes to choosing a purchase that suits you, something which these lights offer in bundles. With an auto-switch-on feature at dusk and an efficient charging method during the day, you can leave these lights chugging along with no input.

The housing material used is fairly impressive when you consider the price point of these solar deck lights.

Featuring an IP44 water-resistant rating and crafted from high-quality stainless steel – even the worst rainstorms will struggle to damage these.

To round these fantastic lights out, the installation method is extremely quick and accessible. No wiring is necessary, as each light features its own solar panel ensuring they remain switched out throughout the night.

Staying within a tight budget can be difficult, especially with so many fantastic options out there.

But with impressive JACKYLED Solar Step Lights, you won’t need to look very far to find a cheap but powerful option.

Best For Versatility: Davinci Solar Outdoor Lights

Davinci Solar Outdoor Lights
  • LED's have a lifetime of up to 100,000 hours
  • Easy to mount and install on any steps
  • Provides 15 Lumens of brightness per light
  • Automatic operation mode
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Purchasing a product that has more than one use can be a great way to save money. Few solar step lights on the market today are quite as versatile as the Davinci Solar Outdoor Lights.

These affordable solar lights can keep your steps lit from dusk till dawn.

The small and compact design helps ensure you can install these solar deck lights in any place of your choosing. Whether adorning the side of each step or underneath lightwood decking, installing lights has rarely been easier.

Due to these being designed for outdoor use, the manufacturers have considered a range of detrimental weather types.

The housing material itself has been crafted from industrial grade ABS plastic, offering an IP44 water-resistant rating.

The long-lasting LED lights provide up to 15 lumens of brightness. Although this may not seem like much, it’s more than enough to help illuminate any steps or decking you own.

If you are after a brighter fixture, simply mount multiple of these solar deck step lights together.

Purchasing multiple products for different tasks may not be needed. The Davinci Solar Outdoor Lights are versatile enough for any of your garden lighting needs.

Whether that’s step lighting or an accompaniment to a specific garden feature, these lights have got you covered!

Best For Decking: Solpex Solar Deck Lights

Solpex Solar Deck Lights

  • Suitable for decking and garden stairs
  • Comes with a limited warranty
  • The automatic feature provides convenience
  • Provide a warming glow to your garden
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Much like a wonderful array of flowers, well-designed decking can truly bring your garden to life. But whether you use light or dark wood, finding your way onto your decking at night can be a struggle.

Thankfully, Solpex has just the solution for you.

Coming in a pack of 16 lights, the Solpex solar panel lights are an environmentally friendly way to illuminate your garden’s decking.

Offering a full-night glow with less than 5 hours of sunlight, these are suitable for any time of the year.

The automatic switch-on feature negates the need to fumble around in the dark trying to find the light switch.

Pair this up with the incredibly quick installation method and you have got yourself an extremely convenient product.

In terms of security, these lights are designed to be weather resistant but they also come with a limited warranty. Simply give the Solpex customer helpline a call and they will happily help you diagnose any problems you may have.

When it comes to solar lighting designed for your garden, it rarely gets better than this. Easy to install and incredibly durable, these solar-powered lights have the potential to compete with the best.

Best For Brightness: XINREE Outdoor Solar Steps Lights

XINREE Outdoor Solar Steps Lights


  • Extremely bright 200 Lumens Bulbs
  • Multiple installation methods for accessibility
  • 360-Day Limited Product Guarantee
  • Exceptional levels of durability
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Sometimes the brightest lights are the best and when it comes to solar step lights few are as bright as this offering from XINREE.

Boasting a stellar 200 Lumens of brightness, few solar deck lights can boast as bright light as these can.

Installation is incredibly straightforward thanks to a lack of complicated wiring or external mounts. Simply find a decent spot for these solar lights, hold them in place and use a drill to securely fasten the screws in place. You can also use the supplied 3M double-sided stickers!

Each light features an incredible array of 10 powerful LEDs, which is how the light brightness featured on this product is so high. The solar panels are also extremely effective, absorbing almost all of the direct sunlight they receive.

Boasting an IP65 rating, the XINREE solar lights also feature one of the highest water-resistant ratings featured in this article. This protects the internal circuitry from both heat and water damage, ensuring your purchased product lasts.

When it comes to lighting fixtures, one of the most important facets will be the brightness supplied by the bulbs.

The XINREE solar deck lights offer an incredibly high Lumen rating perfect for any outdoor solar step lights.

Best For Efficiency: Phereu Solar Step Lights

Phereu Solar Step Lights


  • Incredibly efficient solar panels
  • Lights offer a comforting glow
  • Well-crafted ABS plastic housing
  • Comes in a pack of 16 lights
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Solar-powered lights are designed to get the most out of the sun’s light as possible, but few can compete with the Phereu Solar Step Lights.

These extremely efficient solar-powered lights require minimal charging for a full night’s performance.

But efficiency isn’t the only facet these lights have covered, they are also extremely versatile. Thanks to the multiple installation methods and sleek design, the Phereu Solar-powered lights can be mounted anywhere in your front or back yard.

The LED bulbs themselves offer a comforting glow that isn’t overpowering but is bright enough to ensure you don’t trip on any steps.

They are also highly energy-efficient, squeezing out as much solar energy as they can from the sun.

Unlike some other types of plastic, the ABS plastic used to house these lights is extremely resistant to deformation. It can also withstand almost all weather types, so you don’t need to worry about the rain shorting these fantastic outdoor solar step lights.

Efficiency is key when it comes to solar-powered products, and it’s something that Phereu has nailed.

Whether that’s the incredible battery life thanks to the efficient solar panels or the durable plastic design, these are an ideal choice for any would-be buyer.

Best For Wet Weather: GIGALUMI Solar Deck Lights

GIGALUMI Solar Deck Lights


  • Feature an IP44 water-resistant rating
  • Provide up to 10 hours of lighting
  • Additional stainless steel layer
  • Intelligent automatic switch-on mode
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No matter how often you check the weather forecast, you can always be surprised by sudden rain or snowstorms.

Ensuring your solar lights can withstand more than a few inches of rain is important and is something the GIGALUMI Solar Deck Lights excel in.

These high-performance solar-powered lights are designed with durability in mind. Offering an IP44 water-resistant rating and covered in a stainless steel layer, your lights LED bulbs have rarely been as protected.

The minimalistic style is perfect for gardens of any type, as the GIGALUMI solar lights are small enough for most garden corners.

This makes them an ideal choice for a range of lighting aesthetics around your front or back yard – not just on steps!

Battery life has thankfully also been considered, as you can expect these solar step lights to offer around 8 to 10 hours of bright light every night. This is a perfect amount of time and should offer enough light to illuminate even the darkest of gardens.

If you live in one of the wetter states, then purchasing water-resistant products is something you are probably already used to.

When it comes to water resistance few lights featured today are quite on par with these GIGALUMI solar lights.

Best For Large Areas: Aootek Wide Angle Solar Lights

Aootek Wide Angle Solar Lights


  • The 120-degree design offers up to 26 feet of light
  • IP65 water-resistant rating
  • Highly efficient solar panels
  • Built-in PIR motion sensor
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The bigger your yard, the wider lights you will need. Thankfully, the Aootek is a cheap but powerful set of wide-angle solar step lights.

Offering illumination across 26 feet, thanks to the 120 degrees angled design, even the widest set of stairs will be well-lit.

Unlike some of the other lights featured today, this wide-angled offering from Aootek features a motion sensor. Using the latest PIR motion-sensing technology, these lights can instantly sense when you walk down your garden steps.

This not only saves battery life but also ensures these lights only switch on when they are truly needed!

An extremely effective solar panel can be found on each lighting fixture, offering a 20.5% conversion rate. This means these solar-powered lights only need a small amount of direct sunlight to keep on shining throughout the night.

The Aootek solar step lights are no slouch when it comes to durability either, featuring an IP65 water-resistant rating and a heatproof design. They have been specifically designed to endure extreme weather.

Owning a large yard can be frustrating when it comes to finding a suitable set of solar deck step lights.

The Aootek solar lights offer an incredible level of brightness, that can compete with some of the best solar lighting products out there!

Best For Soft Lighting: DHELINK Warm Outdoor Lights

DHELINK Warm Outdoor Solar Lights


  • LED bulbs provide a soft but powerful glow
  • High-quality ABS acrylic design
  • Simple installation method
  • Available at an affordable price
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Available in a pack of 8, the DHELINK Warm Outdoor Lights are ideal for anyone looking to add a soft glow to their garden steps.

Each light features 6 premium bulbs that provide subtle lighting, which looks great when it’s dark outside.

Incredibly quick to install, the DHELINK solar step lights can be easily screwed into place either on the ground or fastened to a wall. Just make sure they have access to enough sunlight so that they can charge ready for night-time use.

Housing the light itself, you will find high-quality ABS acrylic that is not only extremely durable but also offers a fairly sleek design.

ABS plastic also provides an IP55 water-resistant rating, keeping water out of your lights and ensuring they aren’t damaged by the rain.

To bring a close to this wonderful product, DHELINK has also added an intelligent night-sensing feature. This will make sure your lights switch on as soon as the sun sets, with the 8-hour battery life keeping them on till the sun rises again.

Sometimes the brightest products just don’t compliment your yard’s décor as additional subtle solar lighting can.

Anyone looking to add a reliable but soft glow to their garden steps or decking should grab these when they can!

Best For Fun: Melunar Color-Changing Solar Deck Lights

Melunar Color Changing Solar Deck Lights


  • Fantastic color-cycling mode
  • Only takes 4 hours of sun for maximum charge
  • Aesthetic outdoors decoration
  • Selection of two installation methods
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Whether you are wanting a particular color to accompany your garden décor or you just want to add a layer of fun to your garden . the Melunar Color-Changing lights are a fantastic product.

They make the perfect garden decoration all year round.

But aesthetics aren’t the only benefit these impressive lights can offer as they are also fantastically durable. With an IP55 water-resistant rating and crafted from ABS acrylic, you can expect these to last you for years.

When switched to a white light setting, each bulb offers up to 10 Lumen of brightness, which is more than enough to light up a set of yard stairs. On top of this, these lights can last for up to 8 hours each night, with a charging time of a measly 4 hours!

Installation is also extremely accessible as you are giving the choice of two mounting options. So whether you plan to fasten it to a wall or lay it on the ground, these lights shouldn’t take too much time to set up.

Colored lighting is not only an extremely fun addition to your yard, but it can also complement a range of garden designs.

If you are looking for a fun but powerful set of solar step lights, then be sure to add the Melunar Color-Changing Solar Deck Lights to your wish list!

Best Solar Powered Step Lights Buying Guide


The main purpose of a light is to illuminate darkness, so brightness should be one of the biggest considerations you will make.

Although, you don’t want to go too far and purchase the brightest lights you can find.

Thankfully, there is an extremely handy way to figure out the brightness of your chosen light before you splash out.

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Most lights are measured in Lumens (lm), which is essentially just a measure of how much light is emitted by the bulb. The higher the Lumens value, the brighter the light will be as it emits higher amounts of visible light.

In terms of solar step lights, you will want your lights to offer anywhere between 5-50 Lumens. Any higher and they will be too bright for simply lighting steps, much lower and they won’t be able to offer enough light.

The price of your chosen solar-powered lights will rarely be altered by the Lumens rating. However, you can expect a brighter light to cost slightly more, which is just another reason not to splash out on the highest-rated light!

Automation Operation Mode

Nothing can be more frustrating than needing to manually switch your solar step lights on every night.

Automatic operation modes can help negate this frustration and make sure that your LED solar lights stay shining throughout the night.

An automatic set of solar step lights will instantly notice when the sun has begun to set. Once the sun starts to set, your solar-powered lights will switch on, ensuring you don’t trip on your steps due to lack of light.

Almost all solar deck lights on the market today will offer an automatic operation mode as it has become the market standard.

There are a few different modes, some more accurate than others, but almost all will effectively switch on as soon as darkness hits.

To top this all off, you won’t need to worry about paying more for an automatic operation mode on your solar step lights.

Due to it becoming the norm amongst most solar-powered products it will rarely factor into the price!

Housing Materials

Outdoor lights, by their nature, will need to endure everything that Mother Earth throws at them.

Whether that’s extreme rainstorms to sudden blizzards, your outdoor light needs to offer a decent level of durability.

The main factor that determines the durability of light is the housing materials used.

Realistically, you either want your lights to be crafted from high-quality plastic or a durable metal such as stainless steel.

A higher priced lighting fixture will tend to be made from more durable materials, but this isn’t always the case.

There is a range of affordable but durable lights out there, so you may not need to spend a fortune just to get solar lighting that lasts.


Another important factor you will need to consider when purchasing your new set of solar step lights is how durable they are.

Most outdoor products will need to offer a certain degree of weather resistance just in case there is a sudden rainstorm.

The best way to check how durable a product is is to see what its IP water resistance rating is.

The higher the number, the more water-resistant your lights will be. Ideally, you will want your solar light to feature an IP rating of IP44 or higher.


If you plan to install solar lights, then you will want to make sure that you have all the necessary tools to set up a lighting fixture.

You don’t want to order a premium set of solar-powered step lights only to quickly realize you don’t have everything you need to install them.

There are a few different ways you can install solar lights, some are easier than others. Ideally, you will want to keep your eyes peeled for any solar lights that boast an ‘easy-to-install’ method.

This way you can be sure that you won’t need to take the day off work just to get your lights installed.

Most lights are fairly straightforward when it comes to installation and won’t require any specialist tools. Typically, you will just need to find a slot for your lights and ensure they are firmly in place with screws.

Once they are in place, they may then need to be secured to a solar powered terminal or similar device.

If you are ever confused then get in touch with the manufacturer or read the user manual as different light brands can be fairly different.

Light Color

One of the wonders of light is the vast amounts of color options that are available. From Green to Fuchsia, the incredible range of colors can be startling. However, this will mainly come down to personal preference.

Most solar lights that offer a unique color will sadly lack the brightness of a warm white/cold white option.

But if your main reason for purchasing solar deck step lights is aesthetics, then this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Some premium options out there will also offer a selection of in-built colors and lighting types. Finding an aesthetic option suited to the design of your yard has never been easier than it is today.

You may also need to splash out a little more for a colored option. But again, if you have a style in mind, the added cost can be more than worth it. Try to decide whether you truly want a colored bulb before you start browsing as this will help you find exactly what you are looking for.


As you will want your lights to last the entire night, the length of your chosen solar lights battery is incredibly important. You don’t want your lights to run out before it gets fully dark after all as this will defeat the purpose.

Typically, lights that last around 6-8 hours are the best option for outdoor lighting.

Any less and they won’t last long enough to keep your garden lit throughout the entire night, but this, of course, depends entirely on where you live.

Almost all solar lights will offer 6 hours, so you shouldn’t need to look far for decent solar lighting.

The price is also rarely impacted by the length of the battery. Just be sure to check the manufacturer’s specifications and customer reviews to figure out exactly what you can expect.

Recharge Time

Solar lights are powered solely by direct sunlight, which means they can take longer to charge than traditional lighting fixtures. The recharge time of your solar lights can make or break a product, as you don’t want it to take too long that they aren’t charged in time for darkness.

Most solar deck lights on the market should take anywhere between 4 and 6 hours to fully charge, and once charged will usually last the night.

If you are willing to spend a little more, you may be able to find solar step lights that take even less time.

There are two main deciding factors when trying to figure out how long it will take for your outdoor solar lights to reach maximum charge.

These are how much sunlight they will receive and how efficient the solar panels used are.

The best way to figure out how quick it will take for your chosen solar deck lights to fully charge up is to read customer reviews and the product’s specifications.

If a solar light takes way too long to charge then you can be sure that the customer reviews will reflect this.

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Operation Time

The length of your solar powered lights battery once at full charge is key to a long-lasting product.

Depending on where you currently live and the time of the year, a typical night will last around 8-12 hours, but not all of these hours are fully dark.

Run time is slightly different from battery life. Typically, your battery life is how long lights will have access to solar-powered electricity, whereas runtime is how long they can stay lit when needed.

When it comes to finding the ideal run-time of your solar step lights, try to aim for around 6-8 hours.

This way you can be sure that your lights will keep your garden steps lit for as long as it is dark. Any less than this and your lights just won’t be suitable for regular use.

A majority of solar powered lights on the market today will easily offer at least 6 hours of run-time, so you won’t need to look far. Price is also rarely impacted by the battery life of your chosen solar deck lights.

Manufacturers Warranty

As with any purchase, you will want the security that it will last a while. One of the best ways to ensure the lights you have purchased don’t become obsolete in a few weeks is to ensure that it is covered by the manufactures warranty.

Most warranties will entitle you to a free repair or replacement, as long as the warranty hasn’t expired. For the best coverage, try to find a warranty that lasts at least a year, this way you can be sure that your lights will be worth the cost.

The price of your chosen lights will rarely be altered by whether or not there is a warranty included in your purchase. However, some brands will charge a slightly higher cost if you are expecting a longer warranty.

When you are figuring out the budget you need to stick to, try to consider whether paying a slightly higher price for a longer warranty is worth it. More often than not, the added cost is minimal when you consider how much it will cost to fully replace your new set of lights.


Why Should You Get Solar Stair Lights?

There are two main reasons you may want to purchase solar stair lights. The first one is that you will want a warm glow to guide you in the night so you don’t trip on the steps when you want a trip through your front or back yard.

The second reason you may want to invest in solar lights is for aesthetic or design reasons. A lighting fixture can truly complement a garden layout, and step lights add a modern touch to any decking or paved stairs.

What Are Solar Step Lights Used For?

Solar step lights are used to provide light on any decking or steps in your yard. As they can be extreme tripping hazards at night, lights can truly make your garden feel safer as well as provide an extra layer of style to your garden.

Solar-powered options are also extremely environmentally friendly.

If you are conscious about your carbon footprint then consider investing in a set of solar lights. You will thank yourself when you next need a tool from your shed in the middle of the night.

How Long Should A Solar Step Light Last?

This depends on whether we are talking about the lifetime of a solar step light or its battery life. In terms of battery life, you should expect anywhere between 6 and 10 hours of lighting, as this is long enough to last the entire night.

When it comes to the lifetime of your solar step lights, you can expect them to last around 80,000 to 100,000 hours in total. This means you won’t have to buy more than one set of solar step lights every 5 to 10 years!

Can Solar Step Lights Be Mounted On Rock Or Cement Stairs?

Yes, most outdoor solar lights can be mounted on almost any garden feature.

Ideally, if you are wanting a stair light, you will want it reasonably close to the ground so it can illuminate the step entirely.

However, as long as it covers a large area, lights mounted high can be incredibly effective!

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking for a fantastic addition to the style of your garden or you want to light up your outdoor steps at night, solar lights are an incredible option.

They offer an environmentally friendly but energy efficient way to light up your garden at an affordable cost.

With all of the fantastic products we have covered today, we hope that you have found your next favorite set of solar step lights.

Be sure to keep our buyers guide in mind to help you find a product that covers all of your needs!

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