Trick or Treat: The 5 Best Solar Halloween Lights

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Every year, millions of Americans pull out all the stops to decorate their homes for Halloween.

However, from cobwebs to pumpkins, there’s no better way to light up your haunted house for unwitting trick or treaters than with a spooky set of solar Halloween lights.

To help you choose your perfect set, we’ve assembled a list of the best solar Halloween lights.

Best Solar Halloween Lights Of 2023

If you’re worried about finding the right lights for your deathly display, have no fear, all of the decorations on our list will make you shriek… with delight!

Best Solar Powered Halloween Lights Reviews

Best Overall: Brightech Ambience Pro with Flaming, Flickering LED Bulbs

If you’re in the market for some hellfire, the Brightech Ambience Pro with flaming, flickering LED bulbs are an ideal solar-powered option.

These firey fiends utilize long-lasting LED lights and a 1000-charge solar panel that will burn bright for 20,000 hours and re-energize for 2.5 years respectively.

This internal durability is enhanced further by Brightech’s durable Weathertite exterior, and customer reviews demonstrate that they’re resistant to rain, wind, snow, and heat up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another striking feature of these firecrackers is their versatility.

With a cord that measures 27ft long (16.5ft lighted section) and a solar panel ground stake and clip, you can set the Brightech Ambience Pros anywhere outside and they will shine…

… As long as that panel sees the sun, that is; all it takes is 6 hours of direct sunlight for 5+ hours of light.

What’s more, once Halloween has passed, the Brightech’s won’t look out of place as they’ll provide an atmospheric ambiance, whatever the season.

Best For Budget: Qunlight Halloween Solar String Lights

At just below $20, our “best for budget” Halloween solar lights are the Qunlight Halloween solar string lights. However, what they lack in price, they make up for in quality.

To start, the Qunlight creepy solar spider string lights come with two 20ft cords, each carrying 30 LED lights that can perform 8 different lighting modes. So these spider lights will draw the eye in areas big and small.

Where energy efficiency and charge are concerned, the Qunlight solar string lights boast in-built light sensors which enable them to automatically switch off and conserve energy when ambient light levels are high.

Moreover, their solar panels need just 1-2 hours of direct sunlight to illuminate for 2-4 hours. Similarly, 4-8 hours will fuel them for between 6-12 hours. So they’re quick to charge and long-lasting!

Finally, they boast IP65 waterproofing levels which means they can withstand rain and dust with ease. However, if you’re not 100% satisfied with their product, Qunlight is keen to help you secure a return or refund.

Best For Scariness: White Solar Halloween Light Skeletons Hands

The Guiiy solar white light Halloween skeletons hands are hands down (pun intended) the most revolting Solar lights on our list.

These boney LED string lights have 2 light modes: steady and flash, however, such is their grim aesthetic that they won’t need any help drawing horrified glares from your unsuspecting guests; they’re more trick than treat.

While their creepy aesthetic draws the eye, their premium craftsmanship also makes them incredibly durable and safe. In particular, their hardwearing PS material allows heat to dissipate exceptionally efficiently.

As for charging time, 6 hours of direct sunlight will provide an eerie glow for 4-6 hours.

If you’re worried about setup, the solar Halloween light skeletons hands are available with three cord lengths: 3ft 11″, 8ft, and 16ft, making them perfect for small to medium-sized garden areas.

Best For Atmosphere: Flickering Flame Solar Torch Lights

The Flickering Flame solar torch lights may be pretty, but don’t be fooled – these fiery torches provide an intimidating aesthetic.

That said, the reason they qualify as “best for atmosphere” is because they can provide both a haunting and beautiful atmosphere, thanks to their 96 LED lamp beads.

These brighter and warmer components, combined with a beautiful post-modern lacing design, enable the torches to create a “real look” flame aesthetic, warming the soul or rattling the bones depending on your need.

What’s more, they support 3 lighting modes to accommodate any occasion: classical dancing flame, steady on, and breathing simulation.

Where power is concerned, simply, plug these torches directly into the ground and when fully charged, they’ll illuminate your space for between 8-10 hours; each torch illuminating 3-5 meters of light respectively.

Finally, the Flickering Flame solar torch lights are IP65 waterproof and made of durable ABS material, meaning they are incredibly weatherproof.

Best For Features: Solar Halloween LED String Lights

Securing our “best for features” slot is the Kerkoor solar Halloween LED string lights.

While these lights provide a purple eerie glow, they also make an excellent alternative Christmas decoration.

Their automatic light sensor control means they’ll turn on automatically at night, and turn off during the day, so you can just set them up and let them run.

Another feature that adds to this string lights set’s appeal is the sheer number of LED lights they have – 200 to be precise! Combined with 8 different lighting modes, this set has a function for any occasion.

Furthermore, the built-in memory chip will even remember your last setting. So, if you’re liable to pull them out solely for the scaring season, they’re ready to go!

Impressively, this set of colored lights also has a 72ft long cord and boasts IP65 waterproofing. This means that they’re ideal for even the largest outdoor space and will withstand heavy rain and even snow.

With regard to battery, when fully charged, the solar Halloween LED string lights will shine for a very respectable 8hrs due to the solar panel’s high energy conversion rate.

Lastly, Kerkoor offers a 100% satisfaction rate, so if you’re not happy, they’ll find a solution.

Best For Bad Weather: Yostyle Pumpkin String Lights

While the other members of our list can withstand heavy rain and, in some cases, even snow, none can match the durability of the Yostyle pumpkin string lights.

Yostyle’s 30 solar-powered LED pumpkins are Ip65 waterproof and heat resistant which means that they are the perfect Halloween illumination for hot, cold, wet, dry, and humid climates.

These hardy attributes also apply to the string lights’ cord which is a considerable 20.83ft long (3.94 inches between each light), meaning they’ll suit the majority of small or medium-sized outdoor spaces.

Moreover, the built-in rechargeable battery reaches capacity after 6-8 hours of exposure to direct sunlight and runs for a maximum of 10-12 hours on flash mode.

With the addition of a solar light sensor, the Yostyle pumpkin lights will also switch off and conserve battery power during the day, relighting automatically when darkness falls.

A perfect pumpkin party piece for your Halloween house!

Best Solar Powered Halloween Lights Buying Guide

Color Scheme

Traditionally, most Halloween-colored lights match the orange and black of pumpkins.

However, fiery torches, eery purple shades, and gooey greens can provide the perfect backdrop to any deathly display.

As such, when you’re deciding which of the best solar-powered Halloween-colored lights to buy, consider what kind of aesthetic you’d light to achieve.

Each color combination will instill its own atmosphere, with purples and reds heightening the fear factor and greens and oranges providing a less intimidating prospect for young trick or treaters.

Halloween Characters

As with colored lights, the characters and shapes of your solar-powered Halloween lights can greatly influence the atmosphere you create.

If you’re expecting to host kids or young trick or treaters, softer characters with smiley faces can provide a reassuring touch.

Meanwhile, options such as our “best for scariness” Halloween skeletons hands can add a more sinister element to your gathering.

Efficiency & Battery Power

In the grand scheme of things, choosing solar-powered Halloween lights is a more energy and eco-efficient way of lighting your house. Selecting the most energy-efficient solar lights can extend your enjoyment.

Thus, try to select a set of lights that has an illumination time of at least 6 hours. Importantly, when placing your solar panel, make sure you position it in an area unshaded from direct sunlight.


Material plays a crucial part in the durability of your Halloween lights.

As such, all of the Halloween decorations we’ve listed boast high water and dust proofing levels and, as a consequence, can endure the majority of climates.

It’s also a good idea to keep your eyes open for IP65 waterproofing and ABS or PS materials. These are resistant to temperature change, chemicals, impacts and have high electrical insulation properties.


Functionality is a particularly subjective area of preference.

If you’re keen on variety, our “best features” option, the Kerkoor solar Halloween LED string lights, and “best for budget” Qunlight Halloween solar string lights, have 8 different lighting options.

Meanwhile, our torch, flame-replicating “best overall” Brightech, and “best for atmosphere” Flickering Flame torch lights offer less variety but an exceptional atmospheric with a tiki torch aesthetic.

Ultimately, whatever functionality you’re looking for, all the Halloween lights on our list are an excellent choice!


Like all solar lights, Halloween solar lights are made to withstand a variety of climatic changes. Moreover, LED lights, which can be found in all the sets we’ve listed, have a lifespan that can extend up to 30 years.

Thus, you can expect your solar halloween lights to (initially) last as long as their battery; 3-4 years on average.

Happily, however, these are easily replaced, so with proper care, you can continue using your lights for many years.


The cost of Halloween lights varies greatly depending on the type, functionality, and quality.

That being said, Halloween decorations like our “best for budget” lights still provide great quality and value for money despite their cheaper price.

In general, then, anything lower than $10 and above $40 should only be purchased with due consideration.

Fright Factor

Due to their exceptionally eerie aesthetic, the set of solar lights we find has the best fright factor are the solar Halloween light skeletons hands.

However, depending on your audience, (young trick or treaters or adults) all of the Halloween decorations we’ve listed can punch up the scares.


Why Should You Get Solar Halloween Lights?

Solar Halloween lights set a spooky atmosphere in a heartbeat but also help elevate your Halloween decoration to the next level.

Crucially, however, you should also choose solar Halloween lights because they’re eco-friendly, long-lasting, and self-automated.

They’re ethical, value for money, and convenient.

What Are Solar Halloween Lights Used For?

Halloween solar lights are used to help set a spooky atmosphere and illuminate your terrifying Halloween decorations without the need for a household electricity source.

How Long Should A Solar Halloween Light Last?

As referenced above, a solar light should last as long as its battery, which tends to be about 3-4 years.

Furthermore, most solar lights use LEDs that can operate for up to 30 years, whereas traditional, incandescent bulbs are more short-lived.

Are Solar Halloween Lights Essential When I Decorate?

Solar Halloween lights aren’t essential, however, they do add another dimension to your Halloween festivities.

After all, they can instantly create a spooky atmosphere in your home or garden and help emphasize your other Halloween decorations in an environmentally friendly way.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, solar-powered Halloween lights are adaptable, convenient, eco-friendly, economical, and long-lasting.

Thus, if you’re into your Halloween decoration and would like to pull out all the stops next year, there is scarcely a better way to do so than with a set of these fantastically spooky lights!

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