Best Solar Flood Lights: Our Top 10 Favorites

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The future is bright, but it doesn’t have to be expensive with the best solar flood lights.

Solar flood lights are one of the most effective ways to add some luminosity to your garden or porch area without breaking the bank.

As they are powered by solar energy, these flood lights are far kinder to the planet (as well as your wallet). They are also bound to turn your neighbors green with envy letting you bask in both the dependable solar lighting and your eco-superiority.

To make things easier, we’ve done all the hard work for you by extensively searching through a sea of different makes and models to compile what we believe to be one of the most comprehensive solar light lists out there.

Best Solar Flood Lights Of 2023

From classic floodlight designs, to street lamp styles and even lights with infra-red sensors, you need not look any further than this list!

Solar Flood Lights Reviews

Best Overall: Guardian 580X Solar Security Floodlight

Guardian 580X Solar Security Floodlight

Key Features:

  • The Guardian 580X's industrial-grade, weather-proof aluminum casing is fully adjustable.
  • Features as many as 84 individual LED lights which create up to 730 lumens on full power.
  • The industrial-strength PIR motion sensor features a degree indicator for enhanced security.
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Kicking things off on our list of the best solar flood lights is the Guardian 580X solar security floodlight by Solar Light Mart.

The Guardian 580X is a wireless, solar-powered flood light fixture that uses passive infra-red motion detectors within an industrial-grade aluminum solar panel that owners can place directly in the sunlight.

When you buy the Guardian 580X, you effectively get three lighting modes for the price of one. The first of these being a green LED dusk-to-dawn light, which is your classic floodlight.

The second mode is the blue LED flood light, which utilizes a Passive infra-red (PIR) motion detector to trigger full-brightness, an impressive 730lms (with usual being roughly 55lms) when they detect motion.

Finally, the red LED setting is designed for use in complete darkness, and the light automatically switches on when the PIR motion sensor lights sense movement.

Depending on the environment or conditions where the Guardian 580X solar floodlight is positioned, its intuitive PIR motion detectors can sense movement within a range of 10-12 meters.

This range is more than enough to provide luminosity and security to the front or back of your home. As its batteries are powered entirely through renewable energy from the sun, it rarely requires any maintenance once the light fixture is in place.

Best Budget: Topmante Upgrade Solar Adjustable Flood Light Outdoor

Topmante Upgrade Solar Adjustable Flood Light Outdoor

Key Features:

  • The Upgrade's high-capacity solar-charged battery holds a whopping 2200 mAh.
  • As the two flood lights are fully adjustable, all angles can be easily covered.
  • Using premium ABS materials, these solar-fueled flood lights will endure any weather.
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This is a remarkably high-powered and dependable duel-headed solar panel flood light for this price range and packs a world of features and technologies into a conveniently sized package.

It features a solar panel at the top and two 360º rotatable spotlights below can be directed at any angle you choose, facilitating a uniquely wide angle of illumination.

The Topmante Upgrade solar lights can sense motion at a 26ft radius anywhere within a 120º angle using a PIR motion detector. When dusk falls, the security lights automatically switch on to a low-light mode.

Suppose any movement is detected within 26ft. In that case, the solar-charged security lights turn onto a brighter setting for increased visibility and automatically turn back off after 30 seconds to save energy.

When morning comes, the solar flood lights switch themselves off and begin absorbing the sun’s rays to use the following night.

The Upgrade solar light is crafted using high-strength ABS materials rated as IP65 waterproofing – meaning they will withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

Another appeal of this compact, yet powerful, solar motion sensor light is easy-install, which only requires screws rather than messy glue or wiring – giving you total flexibility over where you put it.

Runner Up: AmeriTop Solar Lights Outdoor

AmeriTop Solar Lights Outdoor

Key Features:

  • With a lithium-ion 18650-2200 mAh rechargeable battery, these exterior lights will last all night.
  • Through simple-to-use fixings, you can use these lights in several outdoor settings.
  • IP65 weather resistance means these solar flood lights will withstand any weather conditions.
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With a staggering 128 highly efficient, individual LED lights that can produce up to 800lms of light, the AmeriTop solar defense light is far brighter than similar solar floodlights on this list.

Another attraction of the AmeriTop solar light is its impressive photocell efficiency within the polycrystalline silicon solar panels, which can retain up to 20% of all light energy – meaning they are equally effective in summer and winter.

The main selling point of the AmeriTop solar security light is its wide-angle motion detecting abilities which can see movement anywhere up to 20ft within a radius of 120º.

During daylight, the AmeriTop solar security light automatically switches itself off to retain its battery power, and when the sun goes down, it only turns on when movement is detected.

The motion detecting light sensor on the AmeriTop solar security light keeps the floodlights illuminated for up to 30 seconds after motion is detected.

If somebody stays active within the scope of the motion sensor, then the lights will remain illuminated until they leave the 20ft area – making it ideal as a security light.

Using an innovative three-light system, owners can adjust to any angle they require, putting them in complete control over their outdoor illumination.

With an IPF waterproof rating of IP65 and constructed from high-density ABS materials, the AmeriTop solar defense light will stay shining bright – come rain, sleet, or snow.

Set-up wise, the AmeriTop solar defense light is a breeze as no fiddly wires or glue is required – only a simple screw-in fastening. This means owners can easily place it anywhere, both outdoors or within a garage or hallway.

TBI Pro Outdoor Super-Bright Solar Lights

TBI Pro Outdoor Super Bright Solar Lights
$49.95 ($24.98 / Count)

Key Features:

  • Comes with three light-setting modes for complete flexibility of use and increased peace of mind.
  • Detects movement across a 40ft area, at an angle of 280º - far more than most flood lights.
  • Using a reinforced ABS body, these solar-fueled floodlights will hold up to even the most extreme weather.
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Another contender on our list with a remarkably high lumen output are TBI Pro’s outdoor super-bright solar lights.

This pair of rectangular-shaped flood lights emit an incredibly bright 2500lm, which is more than enough to illuminate any outdoor entrance or garden completely.

These super bright solar floodlights use 298 individually embedded, high-power LED lights emitted by two sturdily-built solar-charged floodlights, which direct light across four angles.

2500lms is a remarkably bright output for solar power floodlights, as it is roughly the equivalent of a 175w lightbulb – only slightly brighter, and across a wider angle.

Through the help of an innovative PIP motion sensor, TBI Pro’s solar spotlights can help you make massive savings on electrical costs – as they automatically turn themselves on/off and are fueled entirely by the sun.

TBI Pro understands that every property is different and that homeowners will have different solar-fueled light requirements.

This is why these lights come with the option to only turn on when the motion sensors pick up movement and turn off again after 30 seconds.

Alternatively, you can set the lights to constantly emit a dim light and blast on the full 2500lm when the sensors pick up anything – making these ideal defense lights.

YQL 100W Outdoor LED Solar Security Flood Light

YQL 100W Outdoor LED Solar Security Flood Light

Key Features:

  • The remote control function lets owners adjust brightness from over 40ft away.
  • With automatic dusk-till-dawn light control, these floodlights are highly energy efficient.
  • YQL's Outdoor LED Solar Flood Light comes with everything you need for an effortless set-up.
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Instantly differentiated from other lights on this list by its considerably large solar panel, this 100W solar panel flood light is a popular option in various settings, from rural and residential roads to sporting arenas.

With 208 LED chips encased within an all-aluminum IP67 waterproof grade frame, YQL’s flood light provides a massive illumination angle of 120º – which is the equivalent to roughly 1800 – 5000 sq. ft of lighting range.

When fully charged, you can expect TQL’s flood light to work for an impressive 16-20 hours, thanks to its high-capacity aluminum iron phosphate battery. And, as the large tempered glass solar panel charges these batteries, they will last for years.

Another appeal of YQL’s 100-watt solar flood light is its remote control capabilities.

Using a hardwired intelligent control chip, which is linked to a remote control device, users can set their floodlights remotely – letting them easily control functions such as brightness or set the lights on a timer of either 3, 5, or 8 hour periods.

Thanks to the YQL’s multi-function bracket and flexible 16.4ft extension cord, the installation capability of this flood light is practically endless – meaning users can quickly fix them to walls, trees, building exteriors, or even the ground.

Otdair Solar Security Lights

Otdair Solar Security Lights

Key Features:

  • You can easily adjust the solar panels on these lights to get maximum sun exposure.
  • These lights turn on automatically when they detect movement and switch off after 30 seconds.
  • With a rechargeable 2200mAh lithium ion battery, these lights will achieve full charge - even in low light settings.
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Another pair of adjustable head flood light models on this list are these solar security lights by Otdair. With two fully rotatable spotlights – each with 70 individual high-power LEDs (making 140 in total) – these solar-charged flood lights can be positioned independently across 360º.

Each light in this set has three adjustable heads to cover all possible angles and has a built-in, discrete PIR motion-detecting sensor that automatically turns on the 550lm light when movement is detected.

These same sensors also help keep energy consumption at a minimum, by turning the power off when the sun comes up and starting the recharging process.

Both of Otdair’s three-headed light fixtures are waterproof rated as IP65 – which means they are guaranteed to perform equally well in heavy rain, sun, snow, and anything in between.

With a sensing distance of between 26.25 – 32.81ft, at an angle of roughly 120º, these solar floodlights are ideal for illuminating entryways, gardens, and garages effectively and efficiently.

Another attraction to Otdair’s Solar Light is that both fixtures are wireless, which means all you need to do is fix them somewhere they’ll receive direct sunlight. No more fiddling with wires during setup!

Gebosun LED Solar Flood Outdoor Street Lights

Gebosun LED Solar Flood Outdoor Street Lights

Key Features:

  • As this is an aluminum pole-mounted flood light, it is incredibly durable and weatherproof.
  • These floodlights are bright enough to replace a 150W easily HID light cost-effectively.
  • Gebosun are renowned for their dedicated 24/7 customer service.
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These are an instantly identifiable set of solar panel flood lights, thanks to their unique pole-mounted posied lamp design.

This solar street-lamp style floodlight produces an impressive 6000 lumens of light using 40 high-powered 60W LEDs.

When mounted at around 16ft – which is the recommended height -Gebosun’s floodlight can easily illuminate an area of roughly 32ft x 18ft, which is more than enough to light up any garden or entryway space.

Provided the Gebosun solar flood outdoor street light has been left in the sunlight for around eight hours during the day, the fully charged battery will last for between 10-12 hours (or effectively all night).

Additionally, the solar panels of this Gebosun solar panel flood light can be adjusted vertically by up to 140º to allow the high-capacity 12000MAH lithium ion battery to get the most of the sun’s energy-giving rays.

Another massive attraction to this solar floodlight is that it is covered by Gebosun’s standard 2-year warranty, which, alongside their universally praised customer service, gives customers the complete reassurance they are buying a product that is built to last.

With intuitive dusk to dawn functionality – which automatically turns the flood lights on when darkness falls – and an IP65 waterproof rating, this is one of the best solar flood light options for anyone looking for a sturdy and reliable outdoor nighttime light source.

YUJENY Solar Security Flood Lights

YUJENY Solar Security Flood Lights

Key Features:

  • When kept operating on an automatic level, these floodlights will work for as long as 5000 hours.
  • YUJENY values customer satisfaction highly and will happily try to solve any problems you have.
  • All three lightboxes and solar panel can be fully adjusted to suit your preferences.
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Next up, we’ve got another three-headed, fully adjustable flood light, by YUJENY.

Divided into three sections to cover all possible angles – with the left and right lightboxes containing 70 individual LEDs and the middle holding 90 – this solar panel-operated floodlight will easily brighten up any outdoor area.

On top of the three lightboxes, there is a fully rotatable, 2200mAH solar panel which powers each light in unison and allows them to radiate their collective 800lms of brightness.

The polycrystalline silicon solar panel that powers the three flood lights has an incredible photocell conversion rate of 20% – which means these LED floodlights can achieve full charge even on cloudy or overcast days or during the winter.

During the evening, the automatic dusk to dawn function within the YUJENY floodlights causes them to emit a constant dim light.

When the sensors detect objects within a 33ft radius, the lights will produce a brighter beam that will remain for 30 seconds after the movement has stopped.

Thanks to the built-in, long-lasting, and fully rechargeable lithium ion battery – the YUJENY floodlight can last for up to 30 hours on dim-mode and around 6 hours on full-glare.

In order to save battery life, the YUJENY’s motion detector lights will automatically switch themselves off when the sun rises.

As this solar-charged light is fully self-contained and no wiring or plugs are needed; setting it up is a quick and easy undertaking that only requires two screws.

CYBERDAX Solar Street Light

CYBERDAX Solar Street Light

Key Features:

  • The remote control function of these floodlights lets you set them to your ideal luminosity.
  • Thanks to its dual set-up options, you have the freedom to attach these lights in multiple ways.
  • With a maximum output of 13000LMs, these lights will brighten up any outdoor setting.
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Another street-light style outdoor lighting option is CYBERDAX’s solar street light.

This is an excellent option for anyone looking for a dependable way to bring some light to their garden, driveway, or outdoor area – as it produces a remarkable 13000LM of light, which is one of the brightest on this list by far.

Alongside the CYBERDAX solar street light’s impressive radiance, it also features a dual set-up system, in which users can either fix it directly to an exterior wall or use a freestanding aluminum pole mount to fix it anywhere on the ground.

Another unique feature of these floodlights is the ability to remotely control both the type of light produced (either white, yellow, or a mix of both) and its intensity.

You can also use this remote to easily set the floodlights onto a timer of between 3, 5, and 8 hours.

When left to its own devices, the CYBERDAX Solar Street Light runs on dusk to dawn efficiency, which means that its motion sensor only turns on when darkness falls and switches off again come sunrise.

Any buyer who lives in a more severe weather area will be glad to know these landscape lights are IP65 waterproof rated, which means they’ll withstand even the heaviest rain or snowstorms.

With an illumination time of 12-36 hours after just one charge, if you’re looking for an effortless and reliable way of brightening up your garden remotely, we’d strongly recommend CYBERDAX’s solar street light.

Richarm Solar Flood Lights

Richarm Solar Flood Lights

Key Features:

  • A powerful 6600mAh, rechargeable lithium ion battery will keep the 112 individual LEDs shining bright all night.
  • You can control the functionality features of these floodlights remotely from as far away as 39 ft.
  • Through simple wall-mount fastenings, setting up your Richarm floodlights is a breeze.
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These solar-powered floodlights may be compact, but they produce a dazzling 6500K of ultra-white brightness – enough to illuminate an area of up to 860ft.

Generating its power from a large-sized 15W/6v solar panel which converts as much as 17% of all sunlight into green energy, Richarm’s Solar Flood Lights can provide up to 6-8 hours of continuous illumination on a full charge.

In terms of installation, these solar flood lights give owners total flexibility as to where they are mounted – thanks to a lengthy 16.4ft cable which means you can fasten the lights in a dark area and place the solar panel elsewhere in direct sunlight.

Another advantage to these high-powered solar floodlights is their ability to perform in any weather conditions – including excessively hot or cold climates.

This is largely down to the high-density metals used in constructing the two lightboxes and external solar panels, which have been specially designed to hold up to whatever nature throws at it – meaning you’ll always have light (no matter how bleak the weather).

Solar Flood Lights Buying Guide


When looking for your ideal floodlight, price is a prominent factor to keep in mind.

As there are so many varieties of solar-charged floodlights out there, it can be easy to gravitate towards buying the one that doesn’t hurt your bank balance.

While we’re all about making savings where possible, we would recommend that you don’t use price as your only motivator – as this can lead to you choosing a poorly made product that is likely to break after a short time.

Outdoor floodlights are worth investing in, and pushing your budget just a little extra can often land you with an all-around better product.

That said, there are solar-powered lights that suit every budget – we’d advise you to read customer reviews before your dive straight into getting the cheapest model possible.

Coverage Distance

Another consideration to keep in mind is the coverage distance that each floodlight has.

The amount of coverage that you’ll need primarily depends on what your motivations for buying floodlights are to begin with.

If you want to up your home security, then a larger coverage area would be a massive advantage. In contrast, if you’re looking for something to illuminate your front step during winter, it may not be such an essential factor.

Editors Note: If you need coverage across large areas you may also want to consider solar lamp posts. They emit a ton of light and can be placed nearly anywhere.


When buying flood lights, you want them to be bright.

Again, the level of brightness you’ll need varies depending on where the lights will be placed and your reason for having them.

When buying solar-powered lights, one thing to keep in mind is that (as they are powered by the sun) their brightness can sometimes vary if it’s been consistently cloudy or overcast.

A light’s brightness is measured in lumens (lm) and should always be displayed somewhere within the floodlights specifications – or available upon request – so be sure to check the lumen output before settling on a particular floodlight.

Running Time

A floodlight’s running time is another critical consideration to bear in mind.

Most solar-powered floodlights have a built-in motion sensor with dusk to dawn capabilities – which essentially means the light only turns on during the twilight hours, and the motion sensor only makes the full-glare illuminate when movement is detected.

This can be great for saving energy (and money) as lights which run constantly can end up costing more than you’d imagine – so always try and check a product’s running time before you buy.

Weather Resistance

As flood lights are intended for use outside, it’s massively important that they are weather resistant.

The most important indicator of a floodlight’s weather resistance is its IP (ingress protection) rating. These indicate how well a product holds up to the forces of nature and are displayed in numbers such as IP65 or IP66.

When checking a floodlight’s IP rating, be sure to get an overall rating rather than just for each component. The interior parts may often be less weather resistant than the exterior.

While you won’t be able to swim with it, on the whole, any floodlight with an IP65 rating should withstand all of nature’s wrath.

Additional Features

The types of additional features that solar flood lights can come with – such as remote controllability or an option to change the shade of light – vary massively from device to device.

Often the floodlights with the most additional features do end up costing more, but if you have the budget, they can certainly be worth paying that little bit extra.


Sensors play a massive part in the functionality of solar-powered lighting, as they help preserve battery life and avoid energy wastage.

Motion sensors are the most commonly found sensor type in solar-powered floodlights. Their purpose is to turn the floodlight on automatically when movement is picked up within proximity of the sensor.

PIR motion sensors are found in almost all top-quality solar-powered lights and act by detecting changes in infrared heat within the target area.

Solar Panel Type

There are three main types of solar panels: monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and amorphous.

Monocrystalline panels are the most effective in retaining solar energy, but they are also the most expensive, so they are rarely found on smaller solar-powered lights.

Polycrystalline panels are the next most efficient but are far cheaper to manufacture and therefore more common in outdoor solar lighting.

Amorphous panels are the least energy-efficient and are only commonly found on cheaper, low-budget lights (or smaller items such as calculators, etc.).


What Is The Best Solar Flood Light?

The ‘best’ solar flood light depends on what you need the light for and where you intend on using it. For example, a solar-powered wall light built for a workplace environment may be the ‘best’ for one particular buyer but wrong for another.

How Long Does A Solar Powered Flood Light Last?

This again entirely depends on the specifics of each light.

Most solar-powered products rely on rechargeable lithium ion batteries alongside the sun, and the life expectancy of these batteries changes from product to product.

Generally, you should expect around two years of prolonged use before a solar powered light runs out.

What Is The Brightest Solar Power Flood Light?

The brightest solar-powered floodlight that we’ve reviewed is CYBERDAX’s solar street lights. With a Lumen rating of 13000, these are far brighter than most solar-powered floodlights.

How Do I Install Outdoor Solar Flood Lights?

Different outdoor flood lights have different fastening and installation mechanisms. One of the most common – and easiest – ways to install outdoor floodlights is by fastening them directly into an exterior wall or structure with screws (which are often provided).

Other street-lamp style solar floodlights also can be mounted from the ground on an aluminum pole.

Final Thoughts

At Simple Solar Living, we always put extensive time and research into choosing the solar floodlights we review and never promote anything that isn’t worthy of our approval.

Solar energy is the future.

As one of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly ways to brighten up your garden or exterior space, our team here at Simple Solar Living is committed to making sure you get the best sun-powered lights out there.

Hopefully, this article has shed some light on the best solar-powered floodlights out there and what to look for when choosing solar floodlights.

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