Best Solar Dock Lights: My Top Picks for 2023

Solar Dock Lights

My picks for the best solar dock lights are based on the research I did when I moved into a new home last summer that has a dock on pond. Before making a purchase, I compared over 10 different brands and then selected 4 of them for more rigorous research and testing. These are my … Read more

Best Solar Gutter Lights: Our Favorites for 2023

5 Best Solar Gutter Lights

A decade ago we probably wouldn’t be discussing solar gutter lights at all. The tech was costly, and the run time was a few hours max. Today, we have the luxury to pick and choose from tens of amazing selections. There are multiple applications for these lights as well. From planting a few guide-lights along … Read more

How Long Do Solar Lights Last?

How Long Do Solar Lights Last

The future looks bright for solar lighting devices. Solar energy is one of the most eco-friendly and long-lasting ways of illuminating any outdoor space, and it is estimated that much of the world’s power will be solar fueled by 2030. Today, however, solar-powered lights – when compared to traditional fluorescent or Incandescent lighting – are … Read more